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Shannon Bryson designed a stunning app using Trible

Shannon Bryson designed a stunning app using Trible

Over the past 30 years, Shannon Bryson has worked with hundreds of women in various businesses, including owning a hair salon.

Shannon realized that while doing hair, she was also providing listening and coaching, leading her to become a life coach.

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When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Shannon found herself having conversations with clients who were stuck at home and unable to do anything. She felt a strong connection with these individuals and realized that the challenges they faced were exacerbated by the fact that they had no one to talk to about them. Many of these people were stuck at home with their spouses or children, and life was drastically different.

It was then that Shannon began teaching some courses on Zoom. At the time, these courses were small and she did not charge anything for them. It was an experiment, but one that proved to be invaluable during these difficult times.

An idea for an app

Shannon had a goal of creating an app to streamline all conversations into one place. However, the idea took a couple of years to come to fruition because there was no platform available at a reasonable price.

Trible popped up four months ago in my Instagram feed. I kept going back and forth, looking at all the features. You guys were just starting so the price was very affordable. I decided I have nothing to lose, I’m just gonna try it.

Shannon mentioned that she is not technically inclined, which made a drag-and-drop and copy-paste platform a perfect solution for her. Although it took a few months to develop, the end result was a stunningly designed app that both Shannon and we could take pride in.

Using the app format as a promo

Shannon says her clients love the app format. She has a couple of courses at the moment that are just her passive income. She also has an actual live subscription with links to classes but also bonuses. Her customers chat there and she doesn’t have to email everybody anymore.

We had a Trible chat where everyone could interact in one place. I could feel their excitement. There’s a company that I’m working with, and the person helping me checked out my app and attended my free session. They said it looks great. This is exactly what I want – to attract people who may not have considered trying my product.

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