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Marlena Hollis started earning even before her app was published

Marlena Hollis started earning even before her app was published

Marlena Hollis was in the process of moving out of the four walls of the church to start itinerant ministry when the idea of having her own app appeared. With the trust of her community and the buzz around the app, she started earning even before the app was launched.

Check out Marlena's app:
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Getting the audience ready for the new format

Through her years of ministry, Marlena ministered in different places, she also was a cosmetologist, so she had a pretty large group of people who saw her in her Christian life for many years. However, she sought to establish an online mentorship program to connect with her audience on a more intimate level.

When Marlena found Trible, she intended to have a platform that could bring others in for mentorship in a personal way, yet spread her reach out from her organic group of people that she already knows and ministers to.

My goal is to reach people and to share the message of hope, which I offer through my mentorship program. But I want to reach not just the people that know me.

Marlena’s marketing strategy was:

  1. Announcing her mentorship program on her socials;
  2. Launching ads from her accounts;
  3. Streaming together with her own mentor.

Marlena’s offline-to-online funnel started by converting members of her church into her first customers. This is a great example of using your personal network to start off as a creator.

Making the app feel exciting

Marlena’s followers were excited about the concept of an app dedicated to her brand, Marlena Teach Jesus, which generated a lot of hype. People were impressed by the experience and the progress they could witness by following her through the app.

Marlena sees the value in the app since there’s less probability of missing the communication. Her audience liked the ease: once they got the app installed they immediately began to engage in the community.

Build your own community inside the app:
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Build your own community inside your app

Growing further

Marlena Hollis has created mentor programs before, but the app is her first approach to mentorship in an online format. Her biggest challenge for now is expanding outside of people she already knows and growing her audience.

Meanwhile, she’s preparing for the second program launch and expanding the product range: “I look forward to using Trible for the Ebook promotion, cause I’m actually in the process of writing a book. I just have a lot of great ideas, and I think Trible gives me the opportunity to do all those things on one platform”.