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Devon Butler got his app published in 2 days

Devon Butler got his app published in 2 days

Devon Butler is one of the top pro skills development coaches in the world. He runs Evolve Basketball Training Center in Atlanta. In addition to training basketball in an offline format, Devon’s team creates video tutorials on how to play basketball.

A mobile app is the perfect platform for this format.

Check out Devon's app:
Evolve Basketball

App format ❤️ Sports content

We at Trible believe that mobile apps are the best way to share your content with your audience. Unlike social media platforms where algorithms decide when and how your content is displayed to users, with your own app, you have complete control over its availability. This independence ensures that your content reaches your intended audience without any obstacles.

Second, a mobile app is a convenient format for consuming content anywhere. Can you imagine a basketball player practicing a shot with a laptop in his hands? Neither can we.

An app is the perfect format for sports courses. Practice your 3-point shots with a personal coach right in your smartphone.

Speed of distribution

Our goal at Trible is to publish apps on the App Store and Google Play within two weeks of initiating the publishing process, prioritizing speed.

In Devon’s case, we were able to set a personal record and publish the app to the stores within 2 days from the moment of the request.

If you, like Devon Butler, already have developer accounts for Google and Apple – we can speed up the process even further. The main thing that is needed from you – content. We’ll take all the publishing hassle on us.

So why wait? You can start promoting your own app next week already if you start building it now!

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