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Is it possible to create several courses in the application?

Yes, absolutely. You can create as many as you want. Follow the link to see how to make a course.

Will this work for me?

Any niche is welcomed. We unite creators no matter the topic and regardless of the field. Check our three basic templates for course creators, health and fitness experts, and coaches.🫶

Do I need to code?

Never. TRIBLE equips you with a drag-and-drop tool to create an application, and templates to choose its design. The publishing is on us.

How can my customers pay?

You can sell content in the application and accept payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also sell via the website by taking card payments.

How can I receive money?

You attach a digital wallet to your account. After receiving an amount of 50$ you can withdraw money to your wallet. Accepted digital wallets: Bitsafe, PayPal, Payoneer, WIRE, AdCash, WISE, and Payment card.

Which price can I set for a monthly subscription?

There is no limit. Start from $1 and go to the point you feel it's enough. Keep in mind that customers are ready to pay a higher price for a custom experience. That is a reason why your branded application sells better than a third-party platform.

Can I make some content free?

Definitely. You can set up free pricing for any content in your app. To access it a customer would need to download the app and sign up. We recommend using free content for marketing purposes: to attract an audience and to upsell other products.🔒

Can I create several applications with one subscription?

A subscription allows you to create one application for IOS and Android and one website.

Does the application belong to me or to the TRIBLE?

Your application on both IOS and Android belongs to you.

How TRIBLE is better than competitors?

Trible gives a content creator all the needed tools to make a unique branded application for growing the audience and monetizing the skill.

Does TRIBLE work only for fitness?

Trible has a template for health and fitness experts, along with templates for coaches and course creators. But Trible doesn't stop there. Content creators of any kind are welcome to build their own app.

Does the application work in all countries?

Yes, for sure. Your branded app will work in any country on IOS and Android devices.😉