Maximize Course Profit with Your Own Branded App

Create a unique app design, add diverse content, and engage more students with an unparalleled learning experiencet

app builder for content creators

Craft Courses Learners Want to Buy and Complete

Transform your course into an app and forget about low completion rates

Make studying fun and interactive. Mix various content like text, video, audiobooks, and podcasts to create attention-grabbing courses. Deliver information in easy-to-grasp bite-sized pieces and drip-feed it to keep learners eager for more.

Empower Student Engagement Like Never Before

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Push notifications

Stay connected to your students through real-time updates and reminders, ensuring they remain actively involved and well-informed throughout their learning journey.


Create a thriving and loyal community around your course.  Foster dynamic conversations, share vital updates, and strengthen client relationships through personalized, one-on-one communication.

Drip content

Use smart content scheduling to keep students eager for more. Dole out content at the perfect pace and maximize learning retention.

Building Your App with Trible is a Breeze

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Ultimate flexibility with no coding

You don’t have to be a tech expert or have a dev team to get an app. Just use our simple visual app builder to drag-and-drop content and features you need.

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AI powered content creation

Craft any content and supercharge your ideas with built-in ChatGPT. Text, video, images, audio, tests, and quizzes – you name it, we support it.

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Design that speaks your brand

Use one of our customizable templates as your creative canvas. Add your logo and play with colors and fonts to create a design that fully embodies your brand.

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One app, all devices

Effortlessly create a cross-platform app that ensures an exceptional learning experience on both Android and iOS. Design once, deliver everywhere!

Speed up Your Time-to-Market

Traditional App Development
Traditional App Development
6+ months
< 30 days

Enhance Your Revenue-Generating Streams


Within the app, you can effortlessly implement upselling strategies, providing your audience with additional educational products that perfectly complement your main one.


Create multiple subscription plans and get a steady stream of recurring revenue to keep your course business financially successful.


Don't stop at just courses. Boost earnings and extend your reach by providing personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions directly through your app.


Explore an additional realm of revenue by selling e-books within your app. Publish your book seamlessly in ePub or PDF format and start earning effortlessly.

Diverse monetization options

Selling courses has never been this easy. Choose from freemium, single purchase, subscription, or mix it up. Create flexible pricing plans to monetize your way.

We’ve got you covered on every step

White-glove migration

Ready to make the switch to Trible? Our team will manage your entire migration, handling all the hard work for you.

Dedicated manager

Grow your business with the help of an assigned Success Manager. Reach out 24/7 via phone, e-mail, live chat or What's App.

Reports & analytics

Make informed decisions. Get comprehensive business data and unlock insights into students' learning patterns.

Simple app distribution

Once your mobile app is ready to launch, our dedicated manager will guide you through publishing it on App Store and Google Play.

Trible Community

Join our Community of selected creators, where you can share experiences, get advice, and find inspiration.

Content building academy

Trible's video course is included with every package. Featuring real-life success stories and practical advice from top creators.

Success Stories of Our Creators

Evolve Basketball App

“It turned out the app can be a perfect way of teaching basketball. And it wowed us how the Trible team managed to publish the app to the stores within two days.”

Devon Butler, Skills development coach
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Turn the course into an app in three steps


Join Trible

Create an account and choose a subscription plan


Build a course app

Add content and create a branded design

Launch & engage

Publish an app on the stores to expand your reach

Your Course. Your App. Your Success.