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Online course platforms to earn money in 2023

Online course platforms to earn money in 2023

Online education is thriving with platforms like Coursera, a leading online teaching platform, recording over 21 million new users in 2021 alone. The eLearning market, fueled by such effective online teaching platforms, is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. So, if you’ve been thinking of developing and marketing an online course to help your business expand, now is the best moment.

The first thing you’ll need is all of the information and expertise you’ll be sharing. The second item? You must select the greatest online teaching platform for your course. In this post, we’ll review all of the major online teaching platforms so you can choose the one that’s right for you and start making money right now.

Defining an online teaching platform

An online teaching platform is more than just a digital classroom; it’s a comprehensive suite of tools that empower educators to create, manage, and distribute educational content effectively. These platforms for teachers act as a central hub where instructors and students can interact, collaborate, and engage in the learning process, no matter where they are.

Teaching platforms offer a range of features such as course creation tools, student management systems, grading automation, and discussion forums. They allow educators to upload a variety of media like video, audio, PDFs, and interactive quizzes to create engaging and dynamic lessons. Also, many of these teaching platforms include analytics tools that help monitor student progress and tailor teaching approaches accordingly.


Additionally, these virtual teaching platforms offer various modalities for instruction, from self-paced learning to live teaching online, giving educators the flexibility to choose the best approach for their students. The best online platforms for teaching also prioritize user experience, ensuring that both teachers and students find the platform easy to navigate, engaging, and conducive to learning.

In essence, online teaching platforms are digital ecosystems that enhance the teaching and learning experience, bridging the geographical gap between educators and students, and creating dynamic, interactive environments that foster a more personalized and effective educational journey.

Factors to consider when selecting the best online platform for teaching

When selecting the best platform for online teaching, you need to consider whether you want independent platforms or third-party providers, self-paced courses or live teaching online, free or subscription-based platforms, and platforms requiring coding versus those offering drag-and-drop design functionality.

The difference between online learning and online teaching platforms

Although online teaching platforms and online learning platforms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. Online learning platforms or online course marketplaces offer a broad range of courses to choose from. However, online teaching platforms provide all essential tools, such as payment processors and email marketing, enabling anyone to create and sell their own course. These teacher platforms are widely used by individuals and corporations for training purposes.

Now, how do you go about selecting the ideal online teaching platform for your online course business?

11 best online teaching platforms in 2023

Online teaching platforms, both free and premium, are fantastic tools for educators as they provide the freedom to choose when and where to work, and the potential to reach a limitless number of students. These best online teaching platforms empower you to build your course once and sell it hundreds, if not thousands of times over.

Many of these platforms are comprehensive educational platforms for teachers, offering tools for community building, such as forums, memberships, Q&A sessions, socials, chats, and more. This fosters a conducive learning environment and encourages interaction among learners, which is a vital aspect of a successful educational journey.

In some instances, these online teaching sites eliminate the need for a separate website altogether. With a single account on the best platform for online teaching, you can create an online store, craft engaging courses, and build a vibrant community, all under one digital roof. These platforms often include web hosting and pre-designed templates, allowing you to focus more on your teaching and less on the technical aspects.

Ultimately, whether you’re an independent educator seeking an online teaching platform to earn money or a school looking for a platform to enhance its digital learning infrastructure, the right online teaching platform can be a game-changer. So without further ado, let’s delve into the best online platforms for teaching that 2023 has to offer.

Trible: an all-in-one online teaching platform

he best online course platforms to earn money in 2023

Well, aren’t we blowing our own trumpet here? Yet Trible is indeed one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly online course platform, covering all aspects of your teaching enterprise from A to Z. Basically, Trible offers you the chance to establish your own teaching platform – a personal branded application that requires zero coding!

Dubbed as one of the best online teaching platforms, Trible enables you to dive in quickly with premade templates that guide you every step of the way. Utilizing a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can nimbly delete or add new material, ensuring your course is up and ready as swiftly as possible.

Unlike other third-party services and social media which are heavily influenced by ever-changing algorithms, with Trible, you are in full control of your content, its visibility, and marketing. As a powerful online teaching platform for educators and creators, it lets you accept payments globally in any currency, collecting either one-time payments or gathering subscriptions. It gets even better – this service offers the option to duplicate your app into a website with a personal domain. This way, you can grow and expand your business, making Trible a top pick among educational platforms online.


  • iOS and Android no-code app builder
  • A no-code website builder
  • One-time and subscription payments
  • Full control over the content
  • 24/7 online support


  • You need to find students by yourself. Yes, we don’t do absolutely everything for you!


Udemy, you’ve probably heard of it, haven’t you? It’s one of those big names that rank highly in the list of online teaching platforms. Indeed, Udemy is a well-known online platform for teaching that follows a curated process. It means that if you aim to charge for your course, you need to apply first and, fingers crossed, get authorized. Plus, your course must have at least five video lectures and last for a minimum of 30 minutes.

But it’s not all hard work and no play! As one of the best platforms for online teaching, Udemy provides ample assistance in building your first course. From offering video equipment recommendations to providing critical reviews of your content, they’ve got your back.

The cherry on the cake? You will be part of an extensive educational platform for teachers with a massive pool of 49 million students already present on the site. However, as in any utopia, there’s always a catch. The course structure is somewhat limited, and the revenue share can be up to 63% on Udemy courses, with additional transaction costs.


  • An audience of 49 million students 


  • The course structure has more restrictions than a strict school principal.
  • Up to 63% revenue share on Udemy courses, plus additional transaction costs. 


Skillshare is a prominent online teaching platform designed with creatives in mind. Whether you’re a designer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, or any creative enthusiast, Skillshare could be the ideal online platform for teaching your skill.

Over 35,000 paid courses are offered on Skillshare, spanning diverse areas such as branding, drawing, and productivity. As a potential instructor, you can sign up and create a free course. However, to earn money, your course needs to qualify for inclusion in Skillshare’s premium catalog.

Unlike other online teaching platforms in our list, Skillshare is known for its bite-sized courses. Each lesson is approximately five minutes long, and total course durations rarely exceed two hours. This platform prioritizes practical, immediately applicable information and facilitates interactive community discussions. This makes Skillshare a valuable educational platform for teachers who value concise and practical learning.


  • Easy-to-use interface for a smooth start
  • Thriving and interactive creative community


  • Monetization requires authorization for a premium course
  • Limited control over course commercialization
  • Exclusive focus on courses


Teachable is a widely recognized online teaching platform that provides you with the flexibility to shape the look and feel of your courses and landing pages. This platform distinguishes itself among other platforms for teachers by facilitating course customization. You don’t need to be a coding wizard to design your first course. However, for those comfortable with code, specific modifications can be made using the Power Editor.

As one of the best online platforms for teaching, Teachable gives you the freedom to create courses without platform constraints. Consequently, you can decide how you want to charge for your courses – be it a one-time fee, a monthly payment, or a subscription. Teachable is a highly favored online platform for teaching, offering promotional tools for effective course marketing. These tools can be used to gather feedback, email specific segments of your audience, remind students about upcoming courses, and more.


  • Offers a robust toolbox for seasoned course developers
  • Effective marketing techniques are included
  • Grants the ability to set your own pricing structure


  • Only free for 14 days
  • Imposes a transaction cost of 10% on the free plan
  • Doesn’t offer exposure to an audience beyond your own


Podia, another noteworthy online teaching platform, is your go-to solution if you’re seeking more than just a platform for designing and distributing online courses. If you’re looking for online educational platforms that can handle all facets of operating a digital store, then Podia is your answer.

As an online platform for teaching, Podia enables you to create online courses, upload files, conduct webinars, and offer coaching. This online live class platform focuses on offering a unified structure for all course creators, simplifying the process of adding all your digital products to a shopping cart at once.

Creating a course on Podia is straightforward. It qualifies as one of the best online teaching platforms for teachers because you can either publish your course immediately or start a pre-launch campaign. Besides, Podia encourages you to sell any other digital products you have, apart from your course. This virtual teaching platform also allows you to build your own community with a membership model, offering content exclusively accessible to paying subscribers.


  • Ability to sell all digital products at once
  • Option to set up membership sites


  • Limited custom design possibilities
  • The course-creation tool is not as robust as on some other platforms


LearnWorlds, as an online teaching platform, is geared more towards schools rather than individual coaches or content creators. This educational platform for teachers provides robust features that enable swift building and management of various courses from a single location. Such attributes make LearnWorlds one of the best online platforms for teaching.

The platform allows you to set authorization levels, ensuring that teachers can teach without making alterations to the courses, marking it as one of the convenient online teaching platforms for schools. Furthermore, every new LearnWorlds school can form a digital community to encourage student engagement. Each student is also provided with a profile to showcase their achievements, making LearnWorlds one of the best online teaching platforms for progressive learning and development.

Finally, LearnWorlds offers to create a branded application for your institution, setting it apart as an online live class platform that allows seamless and personalized access to the courses.


  • Ideal for small businesses in the online education market.
  • Effective teacher management features.
  • Provision of a customized mobile app.


  • Transaction fees of $5, even on a subscription plan.
  • Does not support physical inventory management for non-digital items.


he best online course platforms to earn money in 2023

Kajabi, often considered as one of the top-notch online teaching platforms, extends its services beyond just course creation. This virtual teaching platform helps you create, manage, and grow all kinds of digital products. From hosting online live classes to podcasts, from building communities to coaching, Kajabi does it all. One of its distinguishing features that makes it one of the best online teaching platforms is the speed at which it can build a new business from scratch. This is facilitated through its sophisticated templates, which incorporate all payment methods.

With Kajabi, you can create your entire marketing funnel, right from a landing page to sales emails, thereby making it a comprehensive online platform for teaching. This process is expedited with its ability to specialize your audience within a few clicks. However, it’s crucial to note that while Kajabi offers extensive capabilities, it does come at a price. It’s a teaching platform that’s more suitable for creators and educators who already possess a large audience ready to be converted into revenue.


  • Facilitates quick online business creation with intuitive UX and product management.
  • Allows email-to-purchase tracking.


  • Does not offer a free plan, only a 14-day trial.
  • Paid plans commence at $119 per month when billed annually.


WizIQ, recognized as one of the robust online teaching platforms, delivers both live and self-paced courses, enabling teachers to develop and sell classes directly on the site. This makes it an ideal online teaching platform to earn money.

WizIQ is a comprehensive online platform for teaching, where you can construct your own virtual classroom, create courses and tests, and track everything with comprehensive statistics. This level of control makes it a highly rated teacher platform.


  • Enables creation of customizable online classrooms.
  • Supports eCommerce transactions.
  • Provides a mobile app for seamless learning.


  • Customer service could be improved.
  • May have too many features for the majority of independent creators, thereby making it less user-friendly.


EdApp is an excellent educational platform for teachers and businesses looking to swiftly roll out training for their staff. It stands out among online teaching platforms due to its capability to allow businesses to white-label their own courses. For instance, a business could rapidly educate its staff on personal protective equipment using this virtual teaching platform.

EdApp offers over 80 templates for easy custom course design. This online teaching site also supports enriching course material with games, quizzes, videos, evaluations, and more, providing a live teaching online experience. Moreover, all learning can be delivered directly to employees’ mobile devices, making it a practical online live class platform.


  • Offers a free plan, making it one of the few free online teaching platforms.
  • Provides pre-made courses for quick setup.
  • Numerous templates available for immediate course creation.


  • Pricing per user within the company can accumulate rapidly, leading to higher costs.


Arlo is a training management system that stands out amongst online teaching platforms for schools and businesses, providing a holistic approach to managing corporate training. It emerged during the digital shift of the pandemic and has found a niche in organizations making a return to office-based training. This virtual platform for teaching gives businesses full control over course delivery to their staff.

As any online platform for teaching on our list Arlo allows you to schedule courses and instructors, specify certificates, enable online registration, and conduct courses both in-person and online.

However, while you can establish an online presence where your courses will reside, Arlo doesn’t provide robust capabilities for creating courses from scratch. It serves more as a management tool than a virtual teaching platform.


  • Comprehensive corporate training management capabilities.
  • Ability to plan both in-person and online classes.


  • Lacks a dedicated course-building interface.
  • Not intended for general public usage, which might limit its utility as a platform for teachers.


LearnDash, an innovative online teaching platform, particularly appeals to those who already own a WordPress-powered website and wish to incorporate their course within it. It stands out in this list as a comprehensive yet WordPress-tailored teaching platform or rather a plugin.

Through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, LearnDash enables you to align your course with your existing branding and add elements like quizzes, diplomas, and certificates. As an online platform for teachers, it provides all the necessary tools for course creation and administration.


  • Provides all the required course features directly on your website and is compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • Easy to get started.


  • Lacks live course features, which might be a drawback for some instructors seeking a more interactive online live class platform.

Exclusively available on WordPress, potentially limiting its reach as a universal teaching platform.

How to monetize your digital content with a custom online course

With 11 online teaching platforms to select from, you may discover one of the most effective methods to monetize your material – course production. The nicest thing is that developing an online course is no longer a multi-week job. On a platform like Trible, you can start with a professionally designed template and a simple drag-and-drop builder and construct your course in only an hour or two – then sell it for many years to come. Begin building your own internet company today for free.