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How to Successfully Sell Your Digital Products on Amazon in 2023

How to Successfully Sell Your Digital Products on Amazon in 2023

Digital products were a $331 billion sector in 2022. We anticipate that they will continue to increase and expand their market share in 2023. Furthermore, we saw a 217% rise in online course enrolments following the epidemic. 

These patterns point to a rise in global consumption of digital items. If you’re a digital product producer, you might be asking which platform is ideal for selling your digital items. Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace, processing billions of sales every day. 

However, most consumers link Amazon offerings with physical things and do not consider selling on Amazon if they manufacture digital goods. Nonetheless, it is an excellent platform for selling digital things and increasing your visibility to a paying audience. In this article, we look at how to sell digital items in 2023 and which digital products are best-selling on Amazon.

Why sell digital products on Amazon in 2023? 

Selling digital items on Amazon provides a number of advantages

  • Rapid start. In contrast to firms that offer tangible things, you may begin selling digital products as soon as today. 
  • The initial investment is low. There is no need to invest in a warehouse, logistics, workers, or inventory. 
  • High-profit margins. Because the items are infinitely scalable (you may sell the same cover art thousands of times), the profit margin on each sale is substantially bigger than when sending physical copies.
  • Income from a passive source. Once you’ve posted your ebook to Amazon (or any digital product), it will sell itself, providing you with true passive revenue. 
  • Global reach. With millions of consumers browsing for items on Amazon at any one time, content creators have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reach an already engaged audience. 

What is Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Digital Services is Amazon’s section in charge of digital product distribution, including internal goods such as Amazon Drive, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Music, as well as external ones such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the Kindle reading experience. Amazon Digital Services allows you to sell digital items. Yes! If you write a book or create a digital experience, Amazon Digital Services is where you sell it. 

10 best digital products to sell on Amazon 

Not sure where to begin? You may sell a variety of digital items, including ebooks, online courses, and numerous prints and graphic design templates. Everything is dependent on your abilities. Simultaneously, if you want to sell on Amazon, you should keep track of what kind of digital items are hot right now. 


Amazon Kindle is by far the most popular ebook platform in the world, with millions of titles available. PDFs are among the many formats supported. You are also not limited to writing fiction or business books. Be imaginative and produce trip guides, case studies, or textbooks – anything that your target audience could find fascinating. 

Digital art

Amazon Merch is an excellent platform for artists and graphic designers that want to combine powerful digital and physical items. Simply upload a fantastic piece of art to Amazon Merch, and the site will print it on t-shirts and other real things for you. You won’t have to worry about inventory or anything else since new items will be shipped to clients as soon as they request them. 


TuneCore is a platform that allows musicians to upload and sell their music through more than 150 retailers globally (e.g., iTunes, Google Play), as well as streaming services like Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and social media. 


You may offer a variety of mobile applications, eCommerce themes, and website designs on Amazon Appstore if you know how to code. While Amazon’s sales fee is 30%, you still benefit from the platform’s expanded reach.

Online courses

Online courses are another prominent category of digital goods on Amazon. From copywriting to photography to yoga, whatever you know how to do effectively can be converted into a video course and sold to thousands of people online. 

Stock photography

Although many individuals do not sell stock photos on Amazon, there is no reason why you should not. Amazon exposes your images to millions of individuals worldwide, allowing you to appeal to a global market. You will discover a consistent supply of consumers for your images because websites and digital makers are always seeking stock photographs for their own material. 

Video games

In recent years, the independent game market has grown. While giant gaming companies create the majority of the games offered on Amazon and other platforms, if you are an independent game maker, you may easily sell it to Amazon. It enables you to write a description, emphasizes key topics in your game, and post photographs and screenshots to persuade clients. 


Templates have a large market since most individuals desire a starting point for their own initiatives. Company planning templates, company contracts, DIY home projects, and even PowerPoint presentations are examples of templates you may build. Although templates are few on Amazon, you may make use of this scarcity to differentiate yourself. 

Downloadable prints

Downloadable prints are another intriguing digital product you may generate. Colouring pages, workbooks, and greeting cards are examples of these. Printable posters are also profitable digital items that may simply be sold on Amazon. Simply make a downloadable print, post it to Amazon, and enjoy a passive stream of cash. 

 Audio file

Audio files are distinct from music in that they contain lectures, voice-based instructions, and even brief lessons. You may use your ideas to produce various types of audio files and sell them to a discriminating audience on Amazon. However, make certain that they are not songs, as Amazon will force you to sell them through their music channel. 

How to sell digital products on Amazon

If you’re just getting started as a digital producer and want to turn your abilities into a steady source of passive income, reading a few books on the subject will help you become acquainted with the business as a whole. In only three steps, you can sell digital items on Amazon. 

3 steps to sell digital products on Amazon

benefits of Amazon for digital products


Even if you have a digital product in mind, it is good to conduct research and learn how other people sell comparable items. Perform some keyword searches to see what comes up, and make a few notes on the descriptions and images that are being utilized. Some third-party programs can also give thorough Amazon marketplace analytics. 


You may build and alter your product based on the wants of your possible target audience if you have research expertise. But don’t expect to perfect your idea on the first try. It is preferable to publish an MVP (minimal viable product) and test the reaction, refining it as you go, than to spend months building something with no market input. 


When your product is ready to be posted on Amazon, you must register a seller account and select between an Individual plan (pay a charge from each sale) or a Professional plan (pay a fixed monthly price). Then you must create an enticing description and photograph (or make mockups) of your merchandise. Finally, submit the items to the marketplace and begin promoting them through social media and even paid advertising. 

Top-5 questions about selling digital products on Amazon

Even though selling your digital items on Amazon takes little time, developing a sustainable and lucrative business is difficult and involves some trial and error. So, here are the responses to a few often-asked Amazon seller inquiries. 

How to get more Amazon reviews? 

The first thing to remember about Amazon is that sponsored reviews should never be posted. Not only will they be destroyed, but your account may also be suspended, resulting in significant income loss. In general, read the seller’s rules completely and follow them as closely as possible. 

How to increase ebook sales? 

When selling an ebook on Amazon, keep in mind that consumers judge a book by its cover. So spend the money to create a genuinely catchy and engaging cover image (in high resolution) that appeals to your target demographic. Another idea is to evaluate the metadata of all your digital items on a regular basis to ensure that it appears in search results for the relevant phrases. 

How to succeed in Amazon Merch? 

It’s tempting to borrow memes or famous graphics from the internet while selling items on Amazon. However, you must always follow copyright laws and never use someone else’s artwork. Concentrate on your own art and describe it in a way that will appeal to your intended audience. 

Can you sell books as PDFs? 

Yes, Amazon supports PDFs as a digital book format, which works well for shorter publications like case studies and how-to instructions. 

How many words do you need for an ebook? 

The size of ebooks varies greatly. While classic books might be hundreds of thousands of words long, simple how-to instructions under 1,000 words are also available. So everything is dependent on the context of what you’re writing about as well as your audience’s expectations. In general, make sure your book has at least a few thousand words.