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How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Creating an email list from scratch may be difficult, especially if you intend to do so quickly and effectively. But, since your email list will be your most valuable investment, putting in the effort upfront is undoubtedly worthwhile. Targeting your audience with email marketing is a tried-and-true strategy that still generates an excellent return of $42 for every $1 spent.

In this article we will analyze and discuss 14 successful strategies that you may use to rapidly create an email list. And best of all, by using these strategies, you’ll get new email contacts and a foundation of engaged and devoted subscribers. Without further ado, let’s examine their strategies!

Choose a reliable email marketing platform

Selecting an email marketing platform is the first step in creating an email list. Initially, systems such as Google and Outlook may be sufficient for sending basic email list campaigns and maintaining your first contacts.

But you need a trustworthy email marketing platform to easily manage and organize your increasing email list and deliver automated email campaigns. To develop compelling email campaigns, you need a platform to expand with.

Investing in a sophisticated email marketing platform will not only help you save valuable time when establishing your email list from scratch, but it will also allow you to profit from the full potential of email marketing from the beginning.

Trade for a email list sign-up

After selecting an email marketing platform, you must configure your website to begin collecting email addresses. But before you can accomplish that, you must convince individuals to sign up, i.e. offer them a reason to want to give you their email address.

People won’t give you their email addresses for free, of course. 

So, designing a simple email registration form that reads “Join our email list to receive the latest and greatest stuff” will likely result in poor conversion rates. One of the most effective ways to obtain an individual’s email address is to design a lead magnet that compels them to join up.

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

All of these incentives encourage visitors to join up with their email addresses. Based on your target demographic and their demands, you may design lead magnets that will be the most effective.

In general, though, you will find that combining these several approaches will yield the best outcomes. Additionally, when your marketing plan grows, content upgrades (extra content related to a blog article) will provide you with the best results.

The probability rate of new subscribers is 25%–50%, depending on the strength of the offer!

Make pop-ups for a website

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Pop-ups may have the “notoriety” of being obnoxious and disruptive, but if they are correctly created and have a purpose, they may be a game-changer for list construction.

Creating pop-up forms with the user experience in mind is one of the most important pieces of advice we can immediately provide. This guarantees that your pop-ups are pertinent and scheduled appropriately.

Pop-up windows may now be used in a variety of ways. For instance, you may design a “surprise” pop-up box that shows after the user has spent time on the website or browsed and interacted with it. This may provide a discount on their initial purchase, for example.

So, in general, marketers must make their pop-ups enticing with high-quality content and compelling incentives such as freebies, discount vouchers, etc. Several online form builder tools may assist you in creating stunning forms that appear to have been created by experts!

Create CTAs for a website or landing page

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Understandably, relatively few individuals will actively seek out the means to join your email list. Thus, you must present them with various opportunities to do so via your content or website pages in general. This is what you need if your digital marketing approach incorporates any type of content marketing.

Secondly, it would be a waste if you have excellent materials for your audience but do not use them to increase your list. Suppose, for instance, you have built a beginner’s guide to buyer personas and have many visitors. In this scenario, it is imperative to encourage individuals to sign up for your email newsletter by crafting a CTA such as “Receive these 4 BONUS Buyer Persona examples and raise your sales today!”

Even if you don’t have many resources to develop such high-quality content, as long as you bring value to your audience, they will enjoy it. Moreover, they will not feel “compelled” to subscribe to your newsletter.

Launch a high-converting landing page

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

It is prudent to use methods other than your site while creating an email list from the beginning by developing landing pages directly linked to your Facebook advertisements, for instance.

Maybe you want to provide free delivery, an exclusive promotion, or a limited-time discount. It is significantly preferable to route consumers to a specialized landing page as opposed to sending them to your homepage and risking their getting lost.

To attract the user’s attention and guide them towards the intended action, online firms must provide customers with a smooth experience. The transition from the advertisement to the subsequent content must be “frictionless” and relevant.

Typically, to design a landing page with a good conversion rate, you need three elements

  • a compelling headline that emphasizes the benefits consumers receive and appealing prose grabs their attention
  • a strong visual to support the message

Balance social media platforms to boost your email list

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

The growth of your email list may be accelerated with the help of social media. If your company engages in social media marketing and email marketing, it is essential to maximize this channel.

You might put a sign-up button or opt-in form on your Facebook profile to increase your total lead generation. It’s simple to accomplish, and if you’re just getting started, it might mean a lot. In addition, you may launch a social media campaign urging your social media followers to sign up for your newsletter. Whether you operate a small business or not, it is unquestionably worthwhile to use social media to expand your reach and exposure.

Social media may also be used for advertising. Executing advertising campaigns giving unique discounts and coupons to list subscribers is a fantastic idea. Facebook also allows running Lead Ads, enabling frictionless form input within the site. 

These ads are mobile-friendly and do not need the construction of a landing page. As you will see in the next strategies, social media are a wonderful method to advertise your competitions and giveaways and increase their reach.

Launch a viral contest

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

A viral contest incentivizes participants to spread it in return for additional entries. For each reference who subsequently registers for the contest, for instance, you may provide 25 additional entries. The individual must input their email address in order to join up, making this a fantastic list-building approach.

This is a terrific choice to start with because it encourages participants to perform your email marketing for you and encourages people to sign up. But that’s not all! Viral competitions are a wonderful method to get people to create user-generated content (UGC).

In addition to being creative and genuine, this type of content can establish trust in a business and inspire more people to interact with it. This implies more registrations, some of which will undoubtedly become new customers.

Make direct contact with your audience

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Reaching out to your personal connections is another method for creating an email list. There are probably a few people on your contact list who might be interested in signing up. Email them that you are creating an email list and explain why they should join.

You may also urge them to distribute the information to their own contact list. You may do the same thing if you have a user base for your product but no email list for content promotion. Ask your users whether they would want to get emails about your most recent and finest stuff by contacting them.

Establish a referral program for new email list sign-ups

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Nothing may be more effective at rapidly expanding your email list than having your own consumers promote you and your business. A direct recommendation from friends is a certain approach to encourage individuals to join your list, much alone trust your business and make a purchase from you.

Thus, designing and implementing a recommendation program for new members is crucial. Individuals naturally want to make their friends happy. Therefore you must provide them with the opportunity to do so.

In addition, you will provide them with a compelling incentive to do so. Of course, by giving them additional incentives. And this is the most fundamental rule of marketing: provide more value!

Discounts, special deals, and shop points that can be redeemed all work nicely. The answer to hacking your way to a larger and more engaged email list is to involve individuals who enjoy what you’re doing in the process and your development. Referral programs are one of the most often utilized techniques in eCommerce for building a solid and devoted subscriber base.

Create a giveaway 

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Giveaways are another effective strategy that most eCommerce shops use nowadays to obtain new email subscribers. The reason for their effectiveness is that word of the giveaway spreads quickly, and you may accumulate a large number of email contacts in a short amount of time.

This is especially true when employing social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, which are popular and cost-effective for advertising. While creating your giveaway, there is one guideline you must adhere to.

The item you’re giving away must be relevant and directly directed at your target audience. You gain more subscribers to your email list in this manner. You are obtaining qualified leads, which are crucial to the expansion of your organization.

Use a scroll box to create an email list

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

It is crucial to present your audience with a call to action at the appropriate time. Scroll boxes are required for lead creation because of this. Depending on the page’s content, a pop-up that appears when visitors reach a specific point might be a discreet yet efficient technique to collect their email addresses.

It all boils down to figuring out when consumers are most likely to convert. This “right moment” may be found by company owners through A/B testing, depending on the on-page behaviour of visitors.

Experiment with pop-up forms

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

We’ve discussed a few of the triggered pop-up form possibilities, but there are more for you to explore. There are also countless instances of pop-ups from which to take inspiration when you create an email list.

First, you might consider implementing exit intent subscription forms, which show before website users when they “detect” their intent to leave the page. They are advantageous since they can attract sign-ups that might otherwise be lost. A compelling value offer will not go overlooked.

Motivate to sign up with your email signature

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Including a newsletter registration link in your email signature is another effective strategy to increase the size of the created email list. It involves no work, is simple to set up, and is ideal if you’re building your list from the beginning.

You and the other firm employees speak daily via email with various other individuals. By including a registration link in your email signature, you allow recipients to learn more about your business. Of course, if these conversations are beneficial and profitable, there is a probability that those sent emails will attract more new subscribers.

Use offline methods to create an email list

How to create an email list: 14 best tactics in 2023

Pop-ups, sidebars, and landing pages all perform well. Nonetheless, it would be a waste not to utilize offline means to expand your list. Secondly, keep your business cards on the counter or booth if you have physical businesses.

Encourage customers to leave their business cards for an easy email registration experience. But this means you’ll have to complete the job later and send a double opt-in email. Lastly, if you are participating in events or fairs, make sure to have a registration list with a spot for email addresses so that you can collect them.

Conclusion: create an email list from scratch

It takes time to build an email list from the beginning. Nevertheless, by implementing the aforementioned easy and successful strategies, you may grow your new email list in only half the time! Some approaches will be more effective than others. But ultimately, what matters is combining them to achieve the greatest outcome for your business.

When you become more experienced with tactics for building an email list, you should move on to more sophisticated ones like webinars and podcasts. Remember! What counts is not how quickly you can develop your list but how successfully you can get and retain new leads.