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Effective Instagram Post Ideas for Engaging Content in 2023

Effective Instagram Post Ideas for Engaging Content in 2023

If you have ever experienced a creative crisis and are finding it more and more difficult to come up with Instagram post ideas, surely you are not the only one. Many of those who write a blog or try to develop their Instagram profile for marketing purposes face a situation when they have to post a new Instagram post, but nothing comes to mind. That is why it is good from time to time to get a hint on what to post next or in which form to represent a new idea.

Instagram is a powerful platform for influencers, and often, they shape people’s opinions. Influenсers work thoroughly on how to create effective Instagram posts as they aim to keep followers’ attention and to maintain the positive statistics. Ideas for posts on Instagram are one of the key problems. In order to engage the audience and know what to publish every day, you need to make a content plan, which will help to create interactive posts.

How to come up with new ideas?

The “what to post on Instagram” request in Google is quite widespread. That is why it is necessary to be specific or bring simple but practical ideas for different life situations. For example, fun stories are more demanded on Instagram than ordinary news. According to recent surveys, only 11% of adults use Instagram to get recent information from there. The bulk of Internet users prefer other news sources.

Other engaging post themes except fun content you may find in three possible ways.

  1. Think about what you can do the best. Sometimes we don’t even realize how unique we are in our skills and achievements. You may have an exemplary body figure after training in the gym. Tell your subscribers what you do for it, even if it looks banal to you.
  2. Use templates created by others. Find inspiration from other bloggers. They may post something exclusive, and you may take their ideas. But don’t follow blindly. You may use the pattern, yet always bring your touch into it. Followers do want to hear your voice.
  3. Use specialised websites. Consider services and sites with a selection of popular tags and frequently visited queries. Try HypeAuditor, Vouch, and Sked Social.
    Taking into account these patterns, let’s clarify which story ideas are the most relevant and will bring you hundreds of views and likes.

Content Ideas for Your Instagram Posts

Remember that stuff to post on Instagram is both about photos and videos. Statistically video content brings more engagement. But simply posting a picture or video is not enough. You need to differ from the crowd and give your followers unique and creative content that they can’t get anywhere else. Great ideas are essential. It can be posts and story formats – short videos. With stories you can communicate with subscribers and attract a potential audience. So what can you post on Instagram every day to keep your followers engaged

Video tutorials

Effective Instagram Post Ideas for Engaging Content in 2023

It doesn’t have to be long and extremely detailed. A short but informative video is a universal option that suits well. You can think of guides, master classes, instructions, etc. For example, David Lebovitz is a famous influencer in the food industry. His food blog is one of the oldest in the world. The popularity of such videos lies in the fact that people often use the web to search for information of interest; they like to learn something new.

Entertaining content

Even if you try to bring a serious content, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun. Don’t be afraid to ruin the status – entertainment will only bring you closer to the audience. True bloggers should be able to laugh at themselves. For example, Trevor Noah, a comedian, who also underlines his drawbacks, not being afraid to laugh at himself.

Life hacks

Life hacks do not have a certain age category – everybody likes them. Life hacks can be classified as educational content, but the specifics of such videos make it possible to put them in a separate category. Among these, the most popular are unusual methods of product application. You can also explain how to do something in order to increase your engagement on Instagram. For example, by explaining how to create a unique mask on Instagram.

On the one hand, shooting such videos is simple – a mobile phone is enough. On the other hand, you need to carefully work out the content itself because if the life hack you propose doesn’t work, it can cause a certain amount of negativity.


Instagram news can work just fine despite their statistical unpopularity. Such a video hits two targets at once: it reveals the information, and also increases the activity of the audience. For example, live broadcasts covering any event attract the attention of a broader audience.

Just imagine that you are at the live concert of your favorite music band, which is extremely popular among youth. If you’re streaming at that moment, lots of your followers and new accounts will check the live broadcasting. Try always to be in contact with your audience. But don’t wait for something to happen – create info drives yourself. This can be, for example, an update of the collection, a new dish on the menu, additions to the creative team, the release of a new product, and much more.

Contrast posts

Making a choice can be complicated. People would rather ask somebody for help to be sure of a good outcome. For instance, the make-up audience would love advice on which BB cream is better and why they should buy it. The post can be even more attractive if you tell your own experience in using the product.
Or it can be a comparison of two smartphones in the same price category. You may help other people to choose what is necessary for them. The variants of what can be compared are endless. Just find the ones you may represent in the best way. And it can be a good idea for the first post on Instagram.


Effective Instagram Post Ideas for Engaging Content in 2023

Conducting surveys on social media is an ideal way to get customer feedback. But it works not only for commercial purposes. On Instagram, you can launch a poll in stories, and after discuss the results in a separate post. There are lots of such Instagram post examples.

For instance, you can simply ask your followers which content is more interesting for them and change the direction of your posts based on the poll’s results. In order to increase activity on your page, ask the opinion of your subscribers about the latest events in sports, fashion, or politics. This will help to enhance the popularity of your Instagram page.


If your activity mostly happens behind the scenes, reveal some secrets of your occupation. Make your followers feel special by sharing a sneak peek behind the scenes: show them the back stage of your profession. Behind-the-scenes content gives users a sense of belonging to a circle of loved ones. Publishing content that hasn’t been published anywhere before brings customers trust.


Feed the emotions of your audience. Intrigue them with exclusive information. Be mysterious, give a hint, get people interested, and all their attention will be yours. Say, for example, that in the following post you will reveal some secret or the greatest life hack ever. But say it only if you do really have something exclusive. The audience does not like tricks. Such interactive posts will make your followers wait for the next publication.

Wrapping Up

Instagram post ideas surely aren’t complicated, yet quite engaging. If you are planning the best post for Instagram, you may try any option from the suggested ones. Combine these types of posts and create something original and new. It’s exactly what is needed nowadays.