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Discover 10 types of video content for growing your digital business

Discover 10 types of video content for growing your digital business

With high conversion rates and outstanding ROI, a video may be an essential component of any effective content marketing plan. Whether you’re utilizing video to raise brand recognition or complete a deal, it’s a powerful tool for generating and converting leads. Marketers have a massive pool from which to discover a high-intent target audience, with more than 85% of internet users frequently watching videos online.

There are clear advantages to getting into video, but you can only dive in with a plan. You’ll need to plan out the sorts of videos to create and distribute at each stage of your customer’s journey. We’ve included all of the relevant information regarding the various forms of video content to demonstrate how each might help support your company goals.

Types of promotional videos

Types of promotional videos

There are significant differences between the various forms of video material. Each type, on the other hand, may provide assistance to your company at a distinct point of the marketing funnel. In the following paragraphs, we will provide a concise summary of each stage of the funnel and emphasize the sorts of videos that work well within each stage. 

You’ll be well on your way to building an effective video marketing plan if you make use of these various sorts of video content and follow the other video content marketing suggestions that are provided. ‍

Attention stage ‍

The awareness stage is located at the top of the marketing funnel. People must be aware of your existence in order to do business with you. At the awareness stage, your audience has yet to learn who you are. They also have no need for your goods or services. This is where you make videos that will capture the interest of your target audience. 

Drab material will not accomplish the job. This level of the funnel offers us a great deal of flexibility. Analyze your target audience’s pain points and how you can develop videos that not only address those concerns but also persuade viewers to learn more about your company.

Emotional videos

The finest videos elicit an emotional response from viewers. Consider your target audience’s most important emotional drivers and how your product meets them. Is it apprehension? Is this love? Is it due to stress? Is it happiness? 

After you’ve determined which emotions will resonate with your target audience, you can pick what sorts of video content to produce. Apple, for example, does an excellent job of appealing to people’s emotions with its yearly Christmas advertisements. Yes, the items and brands are present, but the emotional pull of family is the primary focus.

Fun videos

Nothing draws people’s attention like a good sense of humour. Create amusing videos that will have people laughing and sharing them. Your amusing video will not only link the audience to your brand, but it will also motivate them to spread it with their friends.

Research stage‍

The customer may need to satisfy a demand or overcome an impediment at this step of the content marketing funnel. In this stage, your audience’s main objective is to obtain knowledge about what can fix their problem. Your aim here, like with your videos in the awareness stage, is to generate and build relationships rather than sell.

Make videos that directly address your audience’s problem areas while also providing a better knowledge of who your brand is. Please demonstrate that you have the knowledge to fix their situation. Demonstrate to them why they should keep learning about your company and products.

Educational and how-to videos

Videos that teach you how to do something or that provide information are perfect for the research stage. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate the competence and authority of your brand, therefore gaining the audience’s confidence. 

Keep in mind that you are providing education on the topic at hand, not promoting your goods and services. Pep Boys does an excellent job of producing instructive content that demonstrates their level of competence without coming across as if they are trying to sell old cars.

Behind-the-scenes video

Behind-the-scenes videos are an excellent way to highlight your brand’s values and the individuals that push them forward. This form of video material is a nice complement to the awareness stage videos that introduce individuals to your business.

Behind-the-scenes videos are also a fun method to demonstrate to potential clients how your company thinks and solves problems. Even if you provide the same exact product as five other rivals, a customer will eventually select the brand that best matches their own interests and beliefs.

Consider the Pela phone cases. Their ‘How it’s Made’ video shows how their biodegradable phone covers are formed while also emphasizing the company’s ecologically friendly beliefs. Pela’s behind-the-scenes videos will leave an impression on anybody looking for a new phone cover who shares his ideals.

Consideration stage

The consumer is aware of an issue at this point in their trip. They are now debating if you are the proper brand to address the problem. You developed a connection and established competence in your profession or sector during the awareness and research phases of the funnel. At the consideration stage, you should focus on instilling confidence in your products or services.

Product or service videos

You have been patiently waiting for this moment, which is your opportunity to demonstrate how incredible your product really is. Demonstrate both how and why it will be effective in meeting the requirements of your consumers. Set it up against the other options to demonstrate why yours is the better option. 

Feel free to be very specific with the video that you create because it is a wonderful medium for presenting all of the facets of your product. Bring attention to the aspects that set your product apart from others. Consider the mattress manufacturer Purple as an example. Their product video explains to us why their mattress is better for our backs than other mattresses, as well as how their mattress compares to other mattresses.


Testimonial videos

Testimonials are among the sorts of video material that are known to be among the most successful. These movies demonstrate to your audience in an objective manner that you have a wealth of expertise in resolving issues faced by consumers. Give your audience the opportunity to hear and see it firsthand from folks whose needs have been addressed by your products and services. 

You may either conduct an in-depth interview with one really delighted client or pull together praise from a number of other pleased customers to use in your product testimonial. While trying to attract new students, universities are quite good at showing testimonials written by current students.

Action stage

Excellent news! Your audience is ready to buy from you at this point in the content marketing funnel. Yet, this is not the end of the funnel. This is where you want to ensure that the consumer believes they made the proper selection and answer any remaining questions. You may produce videos that explain in detail how your product works, as well as FAQ videos.

Tutorial videos

Now that the consumer is prepared to buy your goods, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with how to make use of it. Make videos for each of your items that explain the fundamentals of setting them up. 

Demonstrate to the consumer the most effective way to use your items. In the event that problems arise, it is important to highlight possible solutions. In addition to the written owner’s manuals that come packaged with each Dyson device, the company has also developed a series of educational product videos.

FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are a quick and easy method to address frequently asked questions about your product. These videos might be as basic as someone reading the questions and answers or as complex as text on a white backdrop. The purpose of FAQ videos is to provide people with the information they require fast. Epson has created a video FAQ for a new printer model. They built their FAQ list on actual inquiries they got at trade exhibitions.

Retention stage

‍You’ve converted your audience from spectators to buyers. Don’t let them go! You’ll want to keep your audience interested so that they return. Make movies that show how much you respect and thank your consumers. Next, take it a step further and consider other sorts of video material that will make clients feel unique as if they are a part of something greater by investing in your company.

Thank you videos

‍One of the most effective strategies to build a loyal client base is to express gratitude for their business. A little “thank you” may make a big difference. Make movies that express your thanks and show your consumers that they are more than simply another transaction.

Even heavyweights like Amazon acknowledge their gratitude. The eCommerce titan could probably get away with producing no video content and still generate sales. But, the fact that they went out of their way to expressly thank the millions of individuals who utilize their services humanizes their business and makes current consumers feel appreciated.

Brand-forward videos

Brand-forward videos provide buyers with a comprehensive knowledge of who you are. They have little to no marketing motivation and are mostly intended to deepen the existing connection. These movies should give your consumers the impression that they are a part of something greater.

Brand-forward videos should make your consumers feel good about doing business with you and inspire them to stick with you for years to come. These should make your clients glad to be your clients.

Longer videos can be used to promote a brand. They might have nothing to do with your real product and everything to do with the vision and goal of your business. Patagonia is one brand that excels at creating brand-forward videos. Commercially, they are a clothing business, but their activism video series demonstrates that they are much more. Check out their video, Voices of the Water. It gives the impression that being a member of the Patagonia brand implies being a part of a massive endeavour to rescue the seas.

Go forth and create your videos!

Many of the videos you generate to support the content marketing funnel can and should be shared on social media. Tutorials, how-tos, brand-forward, and comedic video content are all popular sorts of social network video content. Yet, it would help if you thought about the varied sorts of viewers on each platform.

Yes, videos are entertaining to watch and much more so to create, but they are also an important part of how you do business. You should have a solid concept of how to make videos that resonate with your audience by now, whether you’re talking to consumers or brand superfans. We can’t wait to see what kinds of videos you create for your company.