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All about apps for content creation and its types

All about apps for content creation and its types

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to attract and keep attention in the feed. You should offer quality, engaging, and concurrent content. Influencers write dozens of texts, which is challenging in the process of organization, formatting, and ideas representation. Fortunately, there are tools and apps for content creators on the market that help you create cool content without spending half of your life on it. 

Why use content creation apps?

Content apps of different types are widely used by creators as they care about the posts’ quality. To set an example in the niche, your visuals should be powerful and exact in each post. No matter whether you are interested in fashion, traveling, or promoting a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, you lose followers and popularity. 

The best way to stay on top is to understand which tools and apps for content can improve your image online and increase the followers number. The tools and apps we are going to speak about are useful for content creators who want to automate the process on a large scale. 

Tools for content creation

With the right tools, the content creation will be much easier and more successful. Below, you can read about the most interesting solutions to enhance your performance in creation.

All about apps for content creation and its types


We’re constantly writing posts, blog posts, work notes, emails, etc., and misspellings are a common problem. This tool checks grammatical and spelling errors and suggests changes in style and tone. It can prevent you from some awkward moments along the writing process. Grammarly has free and premium subscriptions. The fee-based plan offers more improvements for your text such as plagiarism detection, which helps to make your writing original and avoid all the possible issues with copyright.


Canva is a visual creation tool. Almost every social media content creator has at least once used this program. With Canva you can make banners, templates, and covers for social networks; basically any high-quality images in seconds without technical skills. It has ready-made templates with the needed formats, which are divided into sections for the user’s convenience. 

Canva also has free and premium plans. You can also try it for free with a 1 month trial period and then decide whether you are ready to pay. 


The application is famous for its photo filters. You can also adjust different parameters of the picture to achieve the desired result, or process video content but in the paid version only. For the full access buy a subscription for a year – it opens a library of all filters and a wider functionality for processing photos and videos.

Since receiving the funding, VSCO’s app has grown in popularity and now has a feed feature similar to Instagram. As an editing app, VSCO is a great tool for going beyond Instagram. Like Instagram, it offers pre-designed looks for photos. The app recently added a montage feature, and it’s super handy for creating stories. You can combine multiple photos into a video right in the app. Even without templates, this is a convenient layout navigator.


You can create promotion banners and launch your ad in 5 minutes. With the help of this  tool, you can solve a full range of design-related problems: banners developmentб infographics, newsletters, coupons. You have two options: work with ready-made templates, many of which are presented in the catalog, or create your own design in a couple of clicks. For the latter, everything you need is also there – a library with pictures, videos and png elements, fonts, and your own color schemes.


PicsArt is a mobile photo editor. The peculiarity of this application is not in filters and standard tools but in the ability to replace the colors of separate objects, make collages, blur the background, create stickers, and apply masks to photos. In other words, we would call it the creative processing of the picture. In the paid version, you can also edit video materials. Therefore, experienced bloggers would benefit more with a pro-version of the app having greater possibilities for content creation and editing.


Jumprope is a content creator app for iOS devices. It’s perfect for the video content such as culinary recipes, sports activities, beauty tutorial and other. It’s easy to use the application, even if you are editing a video for the first time. Content creators will find lots of elements to add: animation, texts, patterns, music, and voiceover. The app makes it possible to control the speed of the video and change its colors. Jumprope facilitates synchronization with Instagram and other social media. There are enough step-by-step personalized templates that make the process of content creation faster and easier. However, the app is not available for Android users. 


FaceTune is one of the most popular selfie-editing apps. It is mainly used for processing portraits. There are lots of tools for working with photos. The main of them allows the following:

  • crop, rotate, and display photos;
  • whiten teeth or clothes;
  • mask skin imperfections;
  • reduce skin irregularities, make it younger and fresher;
  • make elements clearer, for example, emphasise the eyes, make them more expressive and beautiful;
  • change the shape of the face and other parts of the body, and even add a smile.

The application is widely used by beauty bloggers for whom the external vision of models is a priority. FaceTune is available in free and fee-based versions. Surely, the free version has limited functionality. So if you aim to widen your audience you better purchase an advanced plan.


With the help of the PicMonkey app, you can easily edit photos and apply a graphic design. Among the interesting features you can import an unlimited number of fonts into the app. And there are dozens of creative templates and graphic design tools, including professional-looking photos, logos, graphics, and other design tools. 


If you want to see in advance how your Instagram feed will look like, then UNUM is what you need. Link your Instagram account with the app, and prototype your feed. The feature helps you to see your profile with a follower’s eyes.


InShot was originally a mobile video editing app for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.  Now it also helps to edit photos and create collages. You can incorporate filters, different fonts, stickers, visual effects, and music. The app has an intuitive design, so even the beginner can understand how to use it and create quality content.   

Bonus advice

One of the most important aspects of visual content presentation on Instagram is its consistency. This means you should have a plan for how you edit your images and what settings you use. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to use a single editing method for all photos and videos, so you will have to experiment. Try to analyze what looks good and is perceived well; see what people respond to. Once you understand this, you can be more consistent. Stick to one style for at least a few months and let your audience get to know it and experience it as your own.

With the help of apps for content creation, you will be able to transform your content creation process significantly. We hope these apps inspire you to try image editing not only on Instagram but on other social media platforms as well. The unusualness and uniqueness of your approach give you a chance to stand out from the crowd and bring the image of your content to a new level.