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The best 9 ways to monetize Facebook groups in 2023

The best 9 ways to monetize Facebook groups in 2023

Your Facebook group continues to expand, and your members are interacting in greater numbers — so much so that it develops a genuine feeling of community. The moment may have come for you to investigate how to monetize all of this attention from your devoted Facebook following.

That’s true, we’re talking about monetizing Facebook groups, and we’ve produced a list of the top 9 methods to monetize your Facebook group in 2023 and even beyond.

The best 9 ways to monetize Facebook groups in 2023

Make a paid membership

Providing access to an independent, paid, premium membership platform is one of the finest methods to monetize your Facebook group. You may accomplish this by transferring your paid community to different platforms and offering a premium membership strategy. A paid membership service provides a regular stream of income, whereas alternatives such as adverts and affiliate links are untrustworthy (more on that later). The amount you earn is directly proportional to the number of subscribers you have, providing you with a consistent payment.

You will have complete control over your group, content, and pricing structure. Your subscribers will get access to exclusive, high-quality content. And you all profit from an easy-to-use platform.  

For example, with such platforms, you may get the following:

  • Assistance in lead generation and conversion.
  • Interaction monitoring analytics tools.
  • A platform for frictionless monetization.

This all adds up to a turn-key solution that is suitable for people of all skill levels.

 Sell items to members

Isn’t it true that every content provider these days has something extra to sell? That’s because it increases their profits and keeps their audience interested. When it comes to monetizing Facebook, this is precisely what you want. You are the most knowledgeable about your Facebook group. Use your intimate knowledge to determine which goods they are most likely to be interested in. Consider selling branded apparel.

Some followers are hesitant to pay money, but the majority enjoy representing their favorite artists. Selling a shirt, sweatshirt, or cap will earn you the conversion you need while also providing passive promotion. That buyer’s social circle may be ignorant of your organization, and seeing your merchandise may organically bring it up in discussion. Experiment with graphics by utilizing them in ways other than your logo. Inside jokes from your group may be leveraged to create enticing attire that is more likely to sell. If your Facebook group concentrates on a certain business, you may also promote and sell related items.

When starting a new activity, it can be difficult to determine which things are worthwhile to purchase. Some things are costly, while others are created too cheaply to be useful. Your members will value your suggestions since you are a reliable source of knowledge. Set up a dropshipping business or collaborate with a manufacturer to sell your high-quality items.

Depending on your market, you might sell:

  • If you’ve created an online fitness community, you may sell resistance bands, training vitamins, and sports gear.
  • Culinary utensils, pots, and pans, if you’ve created an online cooking community.
  • Paintbrushes and canvases if you created an online artist community.

Some of these goods will require a higher initial investment than others. Begin modestly to gauge the potential demand for personalized merchandise. Gradually increase output to prevent having a garage full of widgets.

Launch affiliate marketing

Many bloggers make a lot of money this way. For instance, Ryan Robinson of earns in the mid-five figures per month. However, blogging isn’t the only method to profit from affiliate marketing. Microsites, email lists, and video marketing are just a handful of the strategies individuals utilize to make money online. Although not everyone makes six figures through affiliate marketing, you may enhance your site and boost your income by using advice and methods.

The best 9 ways to monetize Facebook groups in 2023

Affiliate marketing is the technique of earning money (commissions) for promoting and selling a company’s products or services. You are only compensated when you drive a sale, exactly like a commission-only sales person. The initial costs of selling unique items are sometimes prohibitively high for so many people. Joining an affiliate network allows you to sell the products of other firms while eliminating upfront expenditures.

You may have already participated in an affiliate network without realizing it. Have you ever followed a link from a content producer that led you to an Amazon product? The originator of the content was most likely an Amazon affiliate. If you ended up purchasing something, you also contributed to support the creator. Affiliate marketing works by linking to a product on your website as the affiliate. You will be paid a commission if any of your group members utilize that link to make a purchase.

Although affiliate marketing might take the shape of app downloads or surveys, the fundamentals remain the same. You get compensated based on your audience’s completion of an activity. Affiliate marketing needs less effort than selling your own items and is much closer to passive revenue from the monetization of your Facebook group. If you’re currently promoting things to your members, being an affiliate is akin to discovering money in your coat, except more lucrative.

Joining affiliate marketplaces such as Amazon or Clickbank can provide you with a plethora of items to promote. You may also look for certain items by searching for them by name. Networks have varied compensation structures, so choose the one that best fits your specialty.

Create webinars

If you have a talent for streaming or speaking in front of an audience, creating paid webinars is one method to monetize a Facebook group. Many platforms, including Uscreen, can conduct these live events, allowing you to share your knowledge with a targeted audience. These live events are easy to organize and allow you to share your knowledge with huge audiences.

You’ll want to provide your audience with the finest unique experience so they’ll come back for more. The easiest method to do so is to plan ahead of time. Check your presentation with a fine-toothed comb to ensure it is error-free. Minor errors are acceptable in free material, but premium content needs excellence. Practice giving presentations in front of friends or family. If necessary, bribe them with beverages and food. It’s useful to practice your lines, and we’re quite sure it’s legal. At this point, an outsider’s opinion is vital.

Their eyes can notice mistakes you’ve been oblivious to. They may also pose questions that you will most likely be asked during the event. While it may seem awkward at first, it will do wonders for your confidence come performance time.

Sell personal events

The best 9 ways to monetize Facebook groups in 2023

Meet your group in the real world to expand your possibilities for contacting people outside of the digital realm — and make money while you’re at it. But, to avoid meeting people in person, I formed a Facebook group! If you want to generate money from your Facebook group, you may have to step outside of your comfort zone. Priority should be given to meeting your group where they feel most at ease. In-person gatherings bring you closer together and can lead to a connection that is difficult to build on a screen.

Choose a venue with the most effectiveness for your first event. Choose a city with the greatest number of community members. If airfare is removed from the equation, they are more inclined to purchase the ticket. Your venue may be able to assist you with booking. There is also the option of using a third party, such as Eventbrite, which simplifies purchase management.

Consider inviting guest speakers to help your event reach a wider audience. Each speaker may bring their supporters to the event and share the responsibility of entertaining the crowd.


A significant following is required to generate money from a Facebook group through advertising. Advertisers often like to see your group membership exceed 25,000 members. If you reach this criterion, just include a note in your Facebook group’s profile, something along the lines of ‘Send me a private message to schedule advertising,’ and it will send a message without taking up much space on the page.

You may also give information about your preferred prices and what they entail. This can clear out any advertisements that are trying to undercut you. On the other hand, if your listed prices are lower than what advertisers are prepared to pay, you will lose money. Test both sorts of messaging to see which works best for you. You can attempt advertising for yourself if your Facebook group has less than 25,000 members. A minor financial commitment on your behalf might bring in new members and help you climb over the hump.

You may search for low-cost possibilities on other Facebook group pages or launch an ad campaign. Facebook Page Like campaigns are uncommon these days, but they are ideal for building a following. A like is a basic request, and it opens the door to additional targeting. Contact anybody who has liked your page and ask them to join. They’ve already shown a passing interest in your organization. It may just take a simple invitation for them to take the plunge.

Offer coaching and workshops

It might be difficult for a newbie to discern a good product from an inferior one, just as it can be tough to tell an expert from a fraudster. Your Facebook group members stay because they see the importance of your community and trust you. Offering to coach them individually can help them avoid costly mistakes. These one-on-one interactions also help to increase brand loyalty. Your members will feel more connected to you, and their achievements will be linked to your efforts. Coaching may be profitable with a Facebook group in almost any area. Even themes that are considered in-person activities can be transferred to the virtual realm.

The learner can be half a globe away from their coach and yet profit from their coaching. This business plan is applicable to a wide range of professions. It may need thinking outside the box, but that is how you will achieve success.

Engage in the brand partnerships

What is a good example of this? Consider the last time you went to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal as a child. The burger and fries were usually accompanied by a little toy, which was frequently related to a recent or impending film release. Disney would pay for the gifts in return for getting youngsters excited about the film. That’s brand collaboration in action!

Collaboration with companies and other artists might allow you to kill two birds with one stone. You will increase your followers while also monetizing your Facebook group. The Brand Collabs Manager on Facebook links public Facebook groups with companies looking to promote their products. It functions similarly to an affiliate network but with less effort on your part.

To avoid deception, this sponsored material is clearly labeled as such, so your group will be aware when anything is being sold. If you want to avoid business interests for any reason, collaborating with content producers is another alternative to explore. While their ad budget is less, they provide perks that may lead to greater money in the future. If you share other people’s material, their admirers are more likely to find your work and become your fans as a result.

Profits from your other monetization initiatives will increase as your following expands. You may:

  • Increase the number of paying subscribers.
  • Request additional funds from advertising.
  • More affiliate items should be sold.
  • More courses should be sold.
  • Sell more merchandise.

In the long term, residual revenue might be even more important than upfront sales. 

Create online courses

One of the easiest methods to generate money with a Facebook group is to create an online course. You’ve already identified your target audience and had their attention. A successful course, however, takes more than simply excellent material. When you’ve finished your course, you’ll need a location to host it. No matter the content type – images, videos, or texts, you can choose Trible to host it. In fact, with Trible you can create a personal branded application and gain full control over the platform and monetization.

Ways to monetize Facebook groups in 2023

 When it comes to online courses, with Trible, you’re able to:

  • Create your own application.
  • Organize content in a way that’s best for you.
  • Have full control over monetization.
  • Create your own webpage.
  • Take one-time payments and launch subscriptions.

In essence, you receive all of the advantages of a professional firm while maintaining control as the business owner. That is how it should be.

Monetizing Facebook groups vs. having community platforms

There are various advantages and disadvantages to monetizing your Facebook group. We’ve previously discussed the different methods to generate money on Facebook. Those must be some significant advantages, and these are some of the reasons why Facebook continues to be a behemoth. However, as long as you are on Facebook’s platform, you will never truly own that community. Selling admin powers to your group is also a violation of Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook may ban your organization and even your profile with little recourse. If you are banned, you must restart from the beginning.

If you take the initiative to relocate that group to your own platform, you will get the ownership that an entrepreneur needs for long-term success. You’ll be collaborating with a new service provider who is more involved in your success.

Preparation for the Facebook groups monetization

There are several things to do ahead of time and avoid if you want to successfully monetize Facebook groups. Remove anything that can prevent others from joining your group or collaborating with you from your profile. Strangers can take anything out of context. Moving future, keep in mind that whatever you post should represent your brand. Controversial material has the potential to rapidly demolish all you’ve worked so hard to construct.

The general guideline is that if you’re prepared to publicly defend what you said, it’s usually fine to post. Try to achieve this while retaining your distinct individuality. That is what distinguishes your online community and brings people to you.

Make the most of monetization by setting clear goals. Consider the following:

  • What type of people are my members?
  • What are the benefits of membership?
  • What may cause the members to leave?
  • What would the members like to purchase?

You may establish the best Facebook group monetization choices to pursue by determining who they are and what they desire. After all, if you’re turning a pastime into a company, you should start thinking like one.

Bonus advice

If it’s time to start monetizing Facebook groups, consider exploring many strategies or trying a few and sticking with the most productive. Your Facebook group most likely began as a side project. Maintain your passion as you shift towards making it a business. And, if stepping out from Facebook aligns with your aims, you may want to think about expanding your audience using Trible.