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Top 6 ways of Instagram monetization in 2023

Top 6 ways of Instagram monetization in 2023

You have the ideal images, edits, and subtitles. And your brand is exuding the correct sentiments. Even better, your usage of Instagram tools like Instagram Reels and IG Live is spot on. Your Instagram followers are engaged, and your feed is on fire. You’ve finally achieved the reach and progress you’ve been striving for! What happens next?

All of this effort should pay off, literally. You’re ready to monetize your Instagram following and take your marketing to the next level. And we have your back.

What do content creators need to monetize their Instagram accounts?

Let’s discuss Instagram’s monetization possibilities, criteria, and policies before we get into the money-making techniques. Instagram features a plethora of built-in revenue options for producers.

With Instagram, you are able to:

  • Through the Businesses Collabs Manager, you may collaborate with brands on a sponsored article.
  • Earn money from Instagram Live by collecting badges from spectators, which may then be turned into cash.
  • Subscriptions, a new feature in which viewers pay a monthly recurring price to access exclusive content.

Please keep in mind that each monetization option has varying requirements based on your region, amount of followers, and engagement rate. You should verify your account to determine whether you are already qualified to utilize them.

Creators requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • A Creator or Business account on Instagram.
  • Be in areas where the features are available, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Italy, and others.
  • Depending on the feature, between 1000 and 10,000 followers.
  • A PayPal account to receive Instagram money.
  • Follow all of the Content and Community standards and have no outstanding infractions.

There is still hope if you have fewer than 10,000 followers. There are several methods to monetize your Instagram influence.

Launch subscriptions for the most loyal Instagram followers

If you have a sizable, engaged Instagram following, you may set up an exclusive content subscription service that only your most devoted followers can view.

This is ideal for creators who currently post some of their finest material on Instagram but want to provide early or exclusive access to new content, goods, services, or events to their superfans! Instagram Subscriptions is presently under beta testing and is only offered to a limited number of creators in the United States.

With subscriptions, a creator will be able to:

  • Provide your subscribers with exclusive, premium material that they can’t find anyplace else.
  • Decide how much you want to charge for your subscription, monthly or yearly.
  • Payments may be made immediately through Instagram.

Content creator

Chanel Kreuzer, an American artist and Instagram influencer with 24,000 followers, for instance, offers $1.99 for access to behind-the-scenes videos and creative lessons. If she has 200 followers, she will make $398 per month from her Instagram account. Currently, creators retain 100% of the money, except taxes. However, we all know that this will change in the future.

Offering paid membership access to your special, high-quality video content, often known as a subscription-style video streaming service, is now the most profitable approach to monetize Instagram followers in 2023.

Take, for instance, BFUNK. A dance group located in Los Angeles that teaches a combination of South Asian and Western jazz-funk techniques. They developed an online choreography membership site to give dance instructions and choreographed dances in video form to commercialize their social following on Instagram. They have 399K Instagram followers, and their videos receive tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of views.

BFUNK’s Instagram videos serve as a taster for their full-priced dance instruction. They use Instagram to keep people interested in their content and wanting more! It generates interest in and referrals to their Uscreen-hosted independent video streaming platform.

According to our data, with proper marketing, 2% – 5% of Instagram followers convert to paying customers to video streaming services. Customers of Uscreen make more than six figures each month on average.

Make sponsored content

The ultimate objective of Instagram influencers is to work with their dream companies and earn huge cash. As a result, the first item on this list is to provide sponsored material.

This alternative, also called influencer marketing, allows you to work with businesses to generate sponsored content to promote a product, service, or campaign. Influencer marketing articles are often centered on direct product placement via tutorials, freebies, and unboxing.

When publishing sponsored content, Instagram requires creators and influencers to declare it. It is recommended practice to indicate when your postings are paid advertisements. Use the sponsored ad tag, declare it’s an ad in the description, explain it’s a gift from or a cooperation with a business, or include #sponsored #ad hashtags. Sponsored content may be a very profitable business.

Thus according to an Influencer Marketing Hub study and Neil Schaffer, a social media marketing specialist, you might earn the following.

How much can you earn in IG

The cost will be determined by the brand’s objectives, the potential of your Instagram following, and your engagement rate. A high engagement rate, even with a limited audience, will earn you more money than a large following that does not interact with your Instagram posts.

Finding the best sponsors

Do you know where to look for these brands? Instagram’s new Brand Collabs Manager tool, on the other hand, makes it easier than ever to get identified for paid collaborations and connect with businesses that best match your goals.

To be approved for the Brand Collabs Manager tool, you must have 1000 followers and meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • In the previous 60 days, 15,000 people have engaged with your content through likes, comments, shares, and other means.
  • In the previous 60 days, 180,000 minutes have been seen.
  • In the previous 60 days, there have been 30,000 1-minute views for 3-minute videos.

After you’ve confirmed your eligibility for Brands Collabs Manager, you may utilize sponsored partnerships in your social media feed and stories by following the instructions in the video below! Another method is to conduct research and discover your favorite goods, then assess whether your target audience will be obsessed with these things as well.

Then, interact with their profiles by making comments, enjoying their posts, and proving your worth as a superfan. When you start seeing some activity from them, you may go into their direct messages to check whether they’re interested in collaborating. You may also join an agency, such as IMA or Audiencly, to help you connect with businesses.

Follower count and engagement rate: what you should know

When it comes to producing money from your fitness Instagram account, you must consider both follower count and interaction rate. In this part, we’ll go over all you need to know about both metrics, as well as when we suggest you start monetizing your Instagram.

5 types of influencers

5 types of influencers

  • Nano: 1k-10k followers, $10-$100 per post
  • Micro: 10k-50k followers, $100-$500 per post
  • Mid-tier: 50k-500k followers, $500-$5k per post
  • Macro: 500k-1m followers, $5k-$10k per post
  • Mega: 1m+ followers, $10k+ per post

Your engagement rate is just as crucial as your follower count; therefore, you better use Instagram analytics as part of the marketing plan.

According to research, the typical engagement rate found on influencer accounts ranges from 1% to 3.5%; if you achieve that level of interaction, you may begin monetizing your following. The higher the engagement rate, the more valuable your Instagram feed will be. If your engagement rate is less than 1%, you should focus more on developing your brand and gaining momentum with your target demographic.

If your engagement rate is 3.5%, your followers are extremely engaged, and you should expect a higher return from any monetization technique you apply. Having said that, micro-influencers may make a good living, especially if their engagement rate is high. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

Here’s what you need to do to calculate your engagement rate.

  • Find the engagement rate per post for a specific period: the last 30 or 60 days.
  • The engagement rate per post equals the total number of likes and comments in 30 days divided by the number of posts in the last 30 days.
  • Then use the above number to calculate the total engagement rate but now in percentages.
  • The engagement rate equals the engagement rate per post divided by the number of followers, and the result is multiplied by 100

And that’s all! Before considering monetization, we suggest that you have at least 10,000 followers and an engagement rate of 2.5% or higher.

Because you are able to:

  • Sell to a wider audience. For example, with 2.5% engagement, you could reach 250 Instagram followers.
  • Use in-app capabilities such as sharing links in your stories, which are not enabled until you have 10,000 followers.
  • Survey your followers to find out what products/services they wish to see.
  • Increase the return on investment for companies and advertising.

You may begin adding video product placements to your sponsorship packages after you have your engagement metrics.

Be smarter with video product placements

Product placements and video commercials are as old as advertising itself, but the practice really took off with the development of the video. This is how it works: a business will pay you to include its product in your film, and you will earn money by advertising it.

Product placements, often known as “embedded marketing,” are frequently so subtle that they go totally unnoticed, such as Audi in Marvel movies. Many may be more obvious, such as Heineken in James Bond.

Audi in Marvel movies

For product placements on Instagram, you may utilize the following four types of videos:

  • Reels. Reel product placements might range from style and make-up lessons to snack reviews.
  • Stories. Showcase items in super-short, unvarnished movies taken from your everyday life.
  • Long-form video. For lengthier instructions or reviews, try IGTV.
  • Instagram Live. If you want to gain real-time interaction and queries, create live videos.

You may use Instagram’s new monetization function, IGTV Ads, to earn a second cash stream from your product placement videos. This allows you to earn additional money from ad revenue on your IGTV videos, which is most certainly 55% of ad income.

You can also create extra cash from your Live product placement videos by using Instagram’s Live Badges function on IG Live. Badges allow your fans to tip you while you’re live streaming by ‘purchasing a badge.’ If you’re curious about how to start with product placements, your best choice is to pitch businesses directly and develop your proposal well. Soraya Shawky is a stylish beauty and health influencer. Her product placement videos are appropriate for her brand. She displays personal items such as make-up, body oils, and clothing.

CPM, or cost per 1,000 views, is used to assess placements. There is a wide spectrum of possible revenues depending on your clout, what you highlight, and to whom. Just keep in mind that the more views you create, the larger your earnings.

Sell affiliate products

In 2023, affiliate marketing will be another useful approach to monetize Instagram. It’s also one of the simplest ways to begin because most of the goods you already use are affiliate networks. Working as an “ambassador” for a brand or business to promote their products or services in exchange for a cut of the income.

This is how it works:

  • Register as an affiliate.
  • In your article, provide the supplied unique URL link or code.
  • You get a portion of every purchase.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start monetizing your Instagram account. The entrance hurdle is minimal, and hundreds of leading businesses already have self-enrollment programs in place. Signing up and getting started takes just a few minutes.

You may also have an in-app storefront on Instagram that displays the items with which you are linked. You’ve certainly seen affiliate marketing in action when browsing through your feed. Take, for instance, this update from Luna, the Husky. She’s a dog influencer with over 90,000 followers! Her feed promotes Akela, her favorite all-natural kibble: Luna, and her people are paid a commission when someone purchases the meal.

Promote affiliate products you use yourself and love much

Starting out as an affiliate is a rather simple procedure. Simply search for the product name with “become an affiliate.” And you’ll be able to tell whether or not they have one. Then, simply fill out the required information to join. Some applications may be concealed in webpage footer links.

To get going, you may also choose an affiliate marketplace. It’s a network that links affiliates and merchants like Amazon Affiliate or ClickBank. It’s essential to stick to products and services that are relevant to your niche and that you truly believe in; these will connect the most with your target customers and have the most effect.

A revenue rate ranging from 5% to 50% can be expected. This is determined by the industry or type of goods you’re marketing, the item’s price, and the profit margin of your affiliate partner.

Sell your own products

Selling your own apparel is a wonderful method to monetize your Instagram if you already have followers who want to experience your brand in person. Creating digital and physical items for your Instagram profile might help to expand your brand’s reach. Your items might be either a component of or the content itself.

This can range from real items such as clothing, accessories, or home décor to digital things such as eBooks, online courses, or presets. The best aspect is that you have total control over what you sell, how much you charge, and how your product is designed. But what things should you offer? Consider your target audience and what they use, wear, consume, or engage with on a regular basis.

Popular product to sell for content creators

Here are some examples based on popular things in any niche.

  • Magnets and stickers
  • Drawstring backpacks and totes
  • Tumblers, glasses, and mugs
  • Hoodies and t-shirts
  • Pens
  • USB flash drives
  • Phone cases
  • Illustrations and posters
  • Calendars and customized notebooks
  • Sporting goods

You may make anything if it is relevant to your area and will excite your followers.


However, manufacturing things as your primary source of content is time-consuming since you must deal with the logistics of producing your product/service. This is where you may hire a manufacturer and start a dropshipping business.

It is essentially a system in which a company arranges for the manufacturer to ship straight to the client. You entirely avoid the headaches of production, inventory management, and delivery. To manage the process, just utilize a dropshipping program like Oberlo in your Shopify store.

Nonetheless, this investment may be worthwhile since you can:

  • Develop a powerful brand image.
  • Receive commissioned projects in which you are compensated for your services/products.
  • Make money by selling your stuff online.
  • Expand your collaborations with other companies.

The sum of money you make by selling merchandise is determined by the size of your followers and the cost of your merchandise. For instance, if you have 10,000 followers and 5% of them purchase a $10 t-shirt, your profit is $5000. Earn $10 for every 1,000 followers or $0.25 to $0.75 for every post engagement.

You may use Instagram shopping to curate and exhibit your items if you have your own online store. If you want to monetize your expertise rather than a tangible commodity, the following alternative is ideal.

Teach what you know the best

Teaching others what you know is a high-return, low-investment approach to monetizing your Instagram presence. That’s where knowledge goods come in; they educate or assist your audiences in resolving a specific pain point in their life. This might range from mastering magic tricks to self-discovery via astrology and everything in between.

eBooks, one-time payment programs, and audio or video courses are all examples of information goods. If you have niche-related information, you may design an info product to teach Instagram users by collecting your knowledge and abilities into a consumable style. Instagram is a fantastic tool for promoting your business and providing a sample of the information you’ll be delivering.

Standalone “How-To” articles, a weekly tips sequence, an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session via Instagram Stories, or IGTV explanatory videos are all examples of publishing tactics! Check out Naturally.Instagram Sassy’s for significant fitness, health, and wellness. She provides health and wellness advice as well as small clips of her ballet-inspired exercise and wellness classes.

These videos teach Sassy’s devoted Instagram followers how to live a healthy lifestyle through movement, breathwork, and diet. She promotes herself as an expert who demonstrates her expertise through high-quality material.

While her inactive Instagram followers benefit much from her educational Instagram page as it is, her die-hard admirers can benefit even more from her information product. Information goods are low-cost items that may be offered at a premium. You may then offer your information product as a subscription service or as a one-time payment for a range of rates ranging from $9.99 to $1,000+.

Better than Instagram

That’s why creators should rely on their own platforms rather than on social media alone. Built-in monetization is a quick, short-term monetization option. The Instagram algorithm is nearly constantly in command and is always changing. And when it does, creators frequently suffer. It also limits your income growth potential, especially if your Instagram follower count is stagnant. These built-in monetizations are useful if you want to generate a few additional dollars from your social network.

If you want to make a stable and successful business, you’ll need to create your own app. We recommend Trible, as it is an intuitive platform that requires no coding skills. With your own branded app, you can redirect your most devoted followers to an independent platform that you’re in charge of. You have total control over the content, the pricing, the features, and your success this way. Investing in your own independent application is a long-term plan for expanding your own brand and internet company.