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Yes, you can 
get your own app no time and fewer effort

No-code, drag-and-drop, feature-rich

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  • Affordable and scalable

    Building an app isn't just for tech geniuses or those with deep pockets. Create and launch your own app for as low as $97/month.

  • Fully customizable

    our brand is unique, and your app should be, too! Play around with colors, fonts, logos, and templates.

  • And easier than you think!

    Think building an app is a long, complicated process? Think again! In just a few weeks you can go from concept to launch.

Deliver a powerful mobile experience to your clients


Interactive courses

Get creative with your content. Text, video, image, voice, files – you name it, we support it.

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Build-in AI Assistant

Not sure where to start? Our AI assistant is here to help, saving you precious time in crafting catchy headings and detailed descriptions.



Create a thriving community, send out reminders, motivation, and more – right to their home screens. It's not just about being visible, it's about reaching their hearts and boosting engagement.


Mobile payments

We've got all the popular and secure payment methods ready for you: Stripe,  ApplePay and GooglePay. Pick your favorites, or enable them all – flexibility is key!


Drag-and-drop builder

Coding and design not your cup of tea? That's not a problem here! With our intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you'll be arranging pre-made boxes and adjusting your content's look like a pro in no time.


Your branding

This is YOUR platform. Colors, fonts, logos, templates – we're all about customization. Give your app a unique flair and let it echo your brand in every detail.


Cross-platform app 

Design once, deliver everywhere. Whether it's an Android, iOS, or web app, we've got you covered. And don't worry, our dedicated manager will guide you through every step.

How it works?

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01Sign-Up For

Pick one out of our three subscription plans – there's something for every size of dream, and you can always scale up as your community grows.

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02Design it as your own

Splash your colors, choose your fonts, and stamp your logo – make it truly reflect your brand.

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03Launch your App & Web

Deliver your product on 3 platforms at once: Web, AppStore and PlayMarket. We will guide you every step of the way.

Why use an App Builder vs building from scratch?

  • Skip the tech headache

    Crafting an app from scratch can be like juggling a hundred tiny parts. Servers, databases, backups – it can get overwhelming! With Trible's app builder, we take on the techie stuff. You just focus on your business.

  • Speedy market entry

    Hand-coding an app can eat up time, and more developers don't always mean quicker results. Our app builder comes loaded with pre-built, tried-and-tested features. Just think of the time (and money) you'll save!

  • You're in charge – no developers needed!

    With an app builder, changes are as simple as drag-and-drop. Don't want to call a developer for every tiny tweak? We hear you. With an app builder, changes are as simple as drag-and-drop.

Success stories from your fellow creators

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TaraWellness Coach and Lifestyle Guru

Trible took the hassle out. It has a user-friendly interface and amazing support! Thanks for letting me focus on what matters most – helping people.

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AndrewBestselling Author and Thought Leader

My sales have shot up by 40% ever since I launched my app. The most astonishing part? It was just my assistant and I who made it happen. Nearly effortless!

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Nina NourishCertified Nutritionist and Health Coach

The platform is intuitive and easy to use, even for a tech newbie like me. I've seen a 35% increase in my client consultations since launch. I recommend Trible to any nutritionist looking to take their practice to the next level.

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PaulMath and Physics Tutor

First, I build a website. Then, I transferred my audience to an app, and it was truly a game-changer. My tutoring app has increased student engagement by over 200%!

Your knowledge. Your
app. Your way.