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The Top 10 Life Coach Certification Programs in 2023

The Top 10 Life Coach Certification Programs in 2023

Obtaining a coaching certification from a respected organization is one of the finest methods to gain a reputation and abilities as a coach. And, with a lot of coaching training and certification programs on the market today, it’s never been easier to locate one that meets your goals and budget.

This post was created to assist you in locating the finest life coach certification program for your individual scenario. The “best” program is one that corresponds with your beliefs, personality, and unique coaching goals, allowing you to become the greatest coach possible. As a result, the “best” may differ for each individual.

Do you need a certificate to be a coach?

Before we go into the top coach training and certification programs, it’s vital to realize that becoming a life coach does not need any form of accreditation or qualification. You can start working as a coach at any time, as long as you are not providing treatment. The coaching sector is currently unregulated by the government.

However, organizations such as the International Coaching Federation exist to approve individual coach certification programs. You can also obtain an ICF Credential as a coach. Although many of the greatest life coach certification programs are certified by the ICF or another organization, this is not required. There are numerous outstanding programs available, both with and without ICF accreditation.

So, why should you obtain a coaching certification? You may opt to pursue a coaching training and certification program for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Improve your coaching abilities.
  • Increase your coaching credibility and visibility.
  • Get assistance in expanding or beginning your coaching company.
  • Join a supportive network of coaches and mentors.

The best coach training and certification programs in 2023

Now, let’s see some of the greatest coach training and certification programs available today.

Coach Training Alliance

Will Craig (previous president of the ICF Denver Chapter) launched Coach Training Alliance (CTA) in 2008. Their Certified Coach Program is incredibly hands-on and practical, with an emphasis on immediately implementing what you’re learning to your coaching practice and company. The program is built on their “three-legged stool” approach, which includes coaching skills, marketing skills, and business skills–everything you need to run a successful coaching firm.

  • Cost: $3,747 (to pay in full or in 3, 7, or 9 parts)
  • Length: 6 months
  • Accredited: ICF

Recommendation: The Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach Program is ideal for new or experienced coaches who seek assistance in building and sustaining a coaching company.

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy

Sandy Forster launched Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy (ISCA) in 2008. Sandy decided to build a coach training and certification program to enable other coaches to accomplish the same after years of successfully advising women on how to be “wildly wealthy.” 

Sandy has an excellent career helping others implement the ideas of the Law of Attraction in their own lives and coaching practices, with endorsements from individuals like Denise Duffield-Thomas and Jack Canfield.

  • Cost: $3,500 (to pay in full or in 6 or 12 payments)
  • Length: 10 months (or self-paced)
  • Accredited: ICF, IAC, IICT

Recommendation: Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy’s International Coach Training and Certification is ideal for new or seasoned coaches who wish to apply Law of Attraction ideas into their coaching practice.

Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy provides many online coach training and programs in a range of coaching disciplines. Their Professional Life Coach Certification is a low-cost option to become a qualified life coach while also receiving instruction on how to be a coach and expand your company. This training is also available as part of their more complete Master Life Coach Certification program.

They provide a variety of coaching specialist certification programs such as Yoga, Career, Law of Attraction, Confidence & Growth Mindset, and many more. If you’re interested in these additional programs, a monthly Life Coach Membership gives you access to all of them. The ICF has not accredited Transformation Academy. 

  • Cost: $197
  • Length: Self-paced (can be completed in 30 days)

Recommendation: Transformation Academy’s Professional Life Coach Certification is ideal for new coaches looking for a more expedited and cost-effective approach to becoming trained and accredited as a coach.

The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo created the Life Coach School. The Life Coach School provides online coach training and certification along with a monthly program “Self Coaching Scholars”. Brooke is the creator of the Life Coach School podcast, which is one of the most popular and highly rated podcasts on iTunes. 

Listening to any of the hundreds of programs will give you a good sense of Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School. The Life Coach School provides one of the greatest life coach certification programs accessible. However, it is not ICF-approved. 

  • Cost: $18,000
  • Length: 12 months

Recommendation: The Life Coach School’s online coach training and certification program is suited for coaches with some experience (either with Self Coaching Scholars or their own coaching practice) who are willing to make a major investment to advance their life coaching abilities.

iNLP Center

Mike and Hope Bundrant launched the iNLP Center in 2011. It was the first effective online training facility for neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Life Coaches, NLP Practitioners, and Hypnosis Practitioners may all benefit from iNLP Center’s training and certification programs. If you’re not familiar with neuro-linguistic programming, let me explain.

  • Cost: $2,600 (Payable in full or in 6 monthly payments)
  • Length: Self-paced (Approx. 160 hours)
  • Accredited: ICF, INA

Recommendation: The iNLP Center’s NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training is ideal for new or experienced coaches who want to create a coaching practice that integrates NLP approaches.

Nickerson Institute

Dr Wendy Nickerson, a registered Clinical Psychologist and Integrative Health Coach, created the Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training. The Nickerson Institute’s approach to health coaching is based on positive psychology, synergy, motivational interviewing, goal setting, and mindfulness concepts. The objective is to achieve healthy results and the optimal human mind, body, and spirit functioning.

  • Cost: $3,799 (Payable in full or in 4 monthly payments)
  • Length: 15 weeks (or self-paced)
  • Accredited: AADP, HCA, CAIN

Recommendation: The Nickerson Institute’s Integrative Health Coach Training Program is ideal for new or seasoned coaches interested in a holistic or integrated approach to health coaching.


iPEC was founded in 1999 by Bruce D Schneider and had been teaching coaches for almost 25 years. The program is based on proprietary coaching approaches based on Core Energy CoachingTM, which you may learn more about on their website. 

The Coach Training Experience at iPEC results in three certifications: Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy LeadershipTM Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and a COR.E DynamicsTM Specialist certification in one of many specialities. You may select from four popular specialities: life coaching, health and wellness coaching, executive coaching, and sports & performance coaching.

  • Cost: $13,995 
  • Length: 7 months
  • Accredited: ICF, BCC

Recommendation: The iPEC Coach Training Program is ideal for new or seasoned coaches looking to utilize unique coaching strategies and boost their credentials with three certificates.


The ADHD Coach Training Center (iACT center) takes a comprehensive approach to coach clients and is ICF accredited, allowing you to become a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC). The curriculum teaches you how to use your clients’ strengths, variety, cultural background, emotions, environment, and familial ties to provide highly tailored ADHD counselling. Furthermore, they provide various training on Helping ADHD Families and features of running a coach company to assist you in starting your practice.

  • Cost: $7,700
  • Length: 6.5 weeks
  • Accredited: ICF

Recommendation: The ADHD Coach Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC) program is ideal for new or seasoned coaches who desire to specialize in ADHD life coaching. 

Relationship Coaching Institute

David Steele started the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) in 1997, and it is regarded as a pioneer in the relationship coach training sector. Their Relationship Coach, Training and Certification curriculum includes the fundamentals of relationship counselling, as well as singles and couples relationship coaching. The comprehensive program allows you to specialize in these two sorts of interactions. 

  • Cost: $3,997 to start; $79 per month membership fee; $125 application fee for certification such as Certified Relationship Coach for Couples (CRCC) or Certified Relationship Coach for Singles (CRCS)
  • Length: Self-paced
  • Accredited: ICF

Recommendation: The Relationship Institute’s Relationship Coach Training and Certification program is ideal for new or seasoned coaches interested in the romantic relationships area.

Life Energy Coaching

Life Energy Coaching focuses on personal and professional energy changes. They provide a variety of tools, such as electrified modular programs, group and private coaching, and a certification program for people interested in life energy coaching.

Life Energy Coaching provides a series of courses, the first of which (Level 1) includes two programs: Love Yourself and Financial Freedom. The programs address the most common energy obstacles, such as stress, workplace relationships, public speaking phobia, poverty consciousness, entrepreneur attitude, and others.

  • Cost: $6,000 Level 1; $9,997 Certification
  • Length: Self-paced

Recommendation: The Life Energy Coaching certification is ideal for new or seasoned coaches who want to expand their coaching abilities with energy coaching and experience personal change.

How to Select a Coaching Program

A variety of reasons might impact the choice to enroll in a coaching program. Your money, previous coaching experience, personality, and coaching goals are all likely to play a role.

For example, if you’re interested in the Law of Attraction, the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy’s network of like-minded coaches could be the program for you. If that’s not your thing, a more typical coaching program like Coach Training Alliance could be. 

We recommend that while selecting a coach training and certification program, you look for an organization with positive evaluations that correspond with your personal coaching goals and principles.