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The 10 ways to overcome creative blocks for online course creators

The 10 ways to overcome creative blocks for online course creators

The infamous creativity block is a dreaded -yet not fatal- illness that affects creative workers, most notably authors and painters. The creative block inhibits a creator from generating good material, leaving them uninspired and preventing them from going on with their project.

We hope this does not seem familiar to you, but let’s face it: course creators also have creative blocks. When you’re attempting to put together your next eBook or video, or any other component of the creative process, you probably need help finding the correct words or even a unique concept to work on.

Creativity blockages may be annoying and stressful since they make you feel untalented, and, worst of all, you need to know whether, how, or when you’ll be able to overcome them. If you’re presently suffering this sort of mental block, remember that there are ways to get beyond it and resume your productive life.

What actually causes creative blocks? Are they real?

What actually causes creative blocks? Are they real?

The phenomenon of being unable to generate new ideas is true. The first step toward overcoming them is to have an understanding of why they occur. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most typical causes of creative blockages.

Impostor syndrome

Extreme self-doubt is what’s known as impostor syndrome. It is the illogical idea that you are unsuitable for a job and devoid of any actual aptitude or talents – that you are, in essence, a liar who will sooner or later be found out to be a phoney. If, on the other hand, you keep telling yourself that you won’t be able to make it and you let your inner critic take control of the situation, your mind will continue to get the same message and become blank.


One of the usual suspects in the murder of creative thought is anxiety. Nothing may put you into freeze mode like debilitating anxiety, whether it’s due to a one-time event or something that’s been going on for a long time. Anxiety also has the magical effect of making you think of the worst possible case, such as “No one will sign up for my course,” “No one will enjoy the course,” or “They will all give me one-star reviews.” Your anxiety will increase as a result of the progression of these ideas, and you will feel even more trapped as a result.

Private Problems

That happens to the best of us. You may find yourself needing help to focus on your course or even find the drive to begin working on it if anything big is occurring in your life, such as a disagreement with a colleague, a crisis in the family, or any other critical event.


Even just one night of inadequate sleep may have a detrimental impact on your mood and creativity; now consider the cumulative effect of months of overworking yourself and not having a healthy work-life balance. Burnout may occur on both the physical and emotional levels. Your mental health is at risk if your body isn’t rested, and it stands to reason that your mind won’t be able to function at its very best, either.

A Strive for excellence

There is always potential for improvement, and it is undoubtedly a good thing to strive for the finest possible outcome with each new undertaking. Yet, beyond a certain point, perfectionism turns into a poison. It is acceptable, for instance, to initiate a savings plan in order to get superior audio equipment or to reshoot a video a couple of times in order to improve your posture or the manner in which you speak. But if you’ve begun comparing yourself to other artists who have more experience and are more well-known, or if you’ve started stressing over every little thing that may be improved, you’re likely to stress yourself out to the point where you can’t think of anything to say or do.

Lack of organization

Building an online course or an online training program for your online business involves a number of different tasks, some of which are more involved than others. These tasks include defining your learning objectives, creating an outline for your online course, and preparing the materials for the course, among other things. It is not surprising if you are feeling overwhelmed and that you are starting over from square one if you are unsure of what these chores are and have yet to prioritize them.


Let’s face it: no one ever rolls up their sleeves with enthusiasm to do boring or monotonous work that they don’t find interesting. You may find yourself looking at a blank page for far longer than you should have to while you’re working on something that you don’t find enjoyable. Your daily schedule or routine at work is another aspect of your life that may get tedious. Doing the same thing over and over again or sticking to a routine that isn’t serving your needs might lead to creative stagnation and make it difficult to come up with new ideas.

12 practical tips to overcome creative blocks

12 practical tips to overcome creative blocks

Creative blocks shouldn’t paralyze you. Acknowledge that they are a natural part of the process of creating something new, and keep in mind that even if you give in and opt to wait for the mental block to pass on its own, there are still methods to overcome them.

Don’t put too much stock in it

Keep in mind that creative obstacles are fleeting and that everyone interested in creative endeavours encounters them. Don’t refrain from letting yourself believe that your inspiration has vanished or that it indicates a lack of skill. 

Figure out why it’s happening

It’s critical to understand what’s causing your creative block so you can take action to overcome it. Begin by answering the following question: Are you actively attempting to come up with anything to write or create, or are you postponing it? Is it true that you’re stuck, or are you just procrastinating? Because being trapped might lead to burnout or boredom. In this instance, you need to rest or shift your surroundings to acquire some ideas. Procrastination, on the other hand, has been associated with worry. Things that overwhelm or worry us are often put off.

Start working

One of the most effective methods to overcome a creative block is to address it front on – push past your demand for perfection and everything else that is preventing you from producing and going to work. It makes no difference if you don’t perform your finest job. Just doing anything can help you get out of your first “helpless” mood and back into being creative and productive. You can always go back and modify or enhance your work later.

Make “cheat papers” easily accessible

Course makers operate differently than individuals who create solely artistic work. Therefore your creative barriers may be addressed using practical ways. Most of the time, all you need is a small prod to get your creative juices flowing again. This push might be a previous “cheat sheet,” such as a course storyboard template or a fast checklist. These tools are excellent for prioritizing activities and providing guidance.

Alter your routine

You’ve been working in the morning, but what if you’re more productive at night? You won’t know if you try. A change of scenery is also beneficial. Some days, you can work from home, while others need you to visit a co-working facility or a neighbourhood coffee shop. Another method to change your routine is to try a new interest that takes you out of your comfort zone. Nature sports, for example, are thrilling for certain individuals and the most efficient method for them to replenish their batteries.

Take a pause to unplug

Sometimes you need to stop everything and come back to work later. If you feel like other people are distracting you, keep your distance for a day or two until you can gather your thoughts and feel like yourself again. Clean your mind by engaging in an activity that takes your whole focus. Yoga, swimming, or walking may be for some, while drawing in a sketchbook or playing a video game may be for others. A refreshing getaway will re-energize your creative powers.

Take care of yourself

Concentrating on your well-being will help you unblock, but you should take care of yourself immediately. Make sure you get enough sleep each night and stick to soothing practices that will help you rest psychologically and relax your thoughts.

Get rid of all negativity in your life

That’s easier said than done, and it’s going to take time to happen. But, attempt to eliminate any sources of anxiety and negativity that may be impeding your creative energy. This is due to your own negative ideas getting the best of you. Meditation can be beneficial in this regard.

When things aren’t going well in your life, you may utilize your work to distract yourself from them and to create something positive.

Look for inspiration in unexpected places

A creative individual may get ideas from everywhere. You may begin with a more practical approach by reading about eLearning trends and inspirational books, networking with other creative workers, listening to podcasts, and keeping up with the work of other producers.

Another technique to get out of a creative rut is to look for inspiration in your surroundings. A walk in nature, a book, a piece of art – anything, as long as you retain an open mind, might encourage your mind to wake up.

Befriend failure

In conclusion, but certainly not least, it is helpful to have a new perspective on one’s previous failures. Recognize that failure is a possibility and an inherent part of the process of developing one’s skills and knowledge. The fear of failing is one of the most significant impediments to creative endeavours. Accepting it enables you to engage in risk-taking behaviour, such as experimenting and allowing thoughts to flow unhindered and uncensored.

Remember: creative blocks are normal

Getting disappointed with your work, unable to draw, or stuck in general is entirely natural. That happens to everyone and is a natural part of the creative process. Remember that feeling stuck isn’t the end of the world. You are not any less of an artist, and you will not be caught in a creative rut indefinitely. This time is frequently a forerunner to a major breakthrough.

There were long stretches of hardship and suffering in some of the pieces I’m most proud of. We must realize that these roadblocks are only a part of the creative process. It takes effort to produce something new and unique. Don’t allow a creative block to get the best of you. Try some of these suggestions, be resourceful, and keep fighting the creative battle