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Drip content on Trible: Supercharge your Courses Delivery!

Drip content on Trible: Supercharge your Courses Delivery!

Hey, Trible Creators! Online courses are the backbone of your online businesses and apps you create with the help of Trible. You wanted to control when your clients will access the content they have purchased to deliver a better learning experience and increase the earnings from your courses. Say “hello” to the drip content feature! So, what does this mean for you, and what can your clients expect? Let’s dig in.

How it works for you

Meet your newest courses upgrade — Drip Content. Access the Drip Content settings from every lesson in the course (you will see the drip setting right below the duration settings).

Set everything up in one place and apply to the whole course. So, what are your options:

  • Drip content is disabled. Course takers will get access to course content right after the purchase.
  • User Enrollment Date. Determine when to unlock specific lessons relatively to the enrollment date. Choosing “0 days” will open the lesson’s content right after the enrolment, “1 day” on the next day after the enrollment and so on.This option is great if you are selling evergreen courses designed to last for a certain time period, e.g. “3 months online marketing crash course” or “52 weeks personal transformation program”. It also enables you to earn more on your courses by charging a subscription rather than a one-time fee!
  • On a specific date. Thinking about running a challenge starting on October 1 with live group coaching and community cooperation? Worried some students will move with greater pace and the whole group dynamics will suffer undermining the challenge? Willing to start early bird sales now without giving access to the content?We’ve got your back with this drip content option! Determine specific dates when your content will be unlocked for everyone enrolled in a course and worry no more about failing to run challenges or early bird sales on Trible and certain students outpacing their peers!
  • Complete to move-on. Your customers would need to complete the previous lesson to unlock the access to the next one. It is a great option if lesson order is vital for the content perception and course outcome for the learners.

How it works for your tribe

From now on, if you are using a drip content feature, your clients will be required to enroll in a course to take it and wait until our cute timer strikes zero to keep learning from you!

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. Our team is continually refining the platform based on your feedback, so expect even more features to supercharge your online courses. If you have any questions or requests for your online courses, please email us at [email protected].