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Seamless payment experience

Fill your app with knowledge and expertise. Monetize the outcome.

Your game, your rules

Be in charge of what you sell. Set prices, plans, and offer the value.

One-time payments

Highlight the content with the power of worth.


Turn useful to income, create a stable payment relationship.

Free content

Attract a new audience, grow the community, have more customers.







All you need to sell

App builder

Create your app, brand it, monetize the content.

App & Web

Duplicate your app into a web version. Monetize both.

Course builder

Upload video, image, and text. Convert learners into subscribers.

Monetize with ease

Be busy with creation, let us keep the flow

Seamless integration

No need to set up a payment system, Trible does it all.

High acceptance

Let the payment pass seamlessly, with no bounces, and no rejections.

Fraud protection

Trible offers advanced security for your content and your payments.

Save with the web

Less fees, more fun. Take card payments to exclude AppStore and Google Pay Market charges. Gain more profit selling on the website.

Be paid
the way you like

Attach your digital wallet to transfer the income

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