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Give your online course a new platform

Fill your app with knowledge and expertise. Monetize the outcome.

Design a learning experience at its best

  • Sketch an appealing interface to make your audience feel welcomed
  • Create separate lessons to stress a point in the online course
  • Combine lessons into sequences to guide on a learning path
  • Upload videos, images, and texts to shape your knowledge precisely
  • Extend your application to a website
  • Monetize expertise on each platform


Any talent deserves a spotlight. Build your presence, share your skill, and monetize your expertise.

Monetize wisely

Prioritize knowledge with money

Accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

One-time payments

Make it precious with a price, let your followers feel the value.


Allow your followers to have it all, with a better deal for you and them.

Take your place in the app world

No matter the skill, trust us, you can rock it

Health & Fitness

Monetize a better fit. Make step-by-step guides, sell marathons, and develop daily exercises.


Secure your followers. Create your branded app and be free from social media algorithms. Have full content control over your platform.


Turn followers into students. Share your knowledge in the app, grow a community of learners, monetize the value.

Endless ways
to make it happen

Take your knowledge, shape it with our tools, create something to like

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Case Study

And so much more

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